We have gathered together a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a query that’s not addressed here, please feel free to contact us, we’re very friendly and we’ll do our best to answer it.

What is an electronic cigarette?

The Electronic Cigarette (also known as a personal vaporiser or PV) is a battery-powered gadget which imitates a regular tobacco cigarette and can deliver nicotine to the user without the combustion and smell associated with tobacco cigarettes. Whilst it doesn’t feel exactly the same as smoking, using an e-cig or “vaping” as it is known, does mimic the sensation of smoking and can satisfy that hand-to-mouth requirement that many smokers have.


How do they work?

E-cigs work by using a heated coil to vaporise a liquid into a fine mist to replicate the look and feel of smoke.


What are some of the benefits of vaping?

  • No flame, no burning tobacco or any other substances
  • No tar
  • No unpleasant odours or tobacco smells clinging to clothes and hair
  • Not banned under the UK smoking ban
  • Simulates smoking
  • Less costly than smoking
  • No smoke irritation to your eyes
  • Huge choice of flavours.
  • Controllable nicotine level (or zero nicotine)
  • More flexible – you can take one or two puffs if you want, rather than feeling you have to finish or waste a whole cigarette.
  • No more matches, lighters, ashtrays and dirty smelly cigarette butts.

Does it feel similar to smoking?

Whilst e-cigs do taste slightly different to regular tobacco cigarettes, they still feel so real because you are literally inhaling and exhaling a smoke-like vapour mist.


Is vaping cheaper than smoking?

All tobacco users know that smoking is a very expensive habit. We have seen various e-cig retailers promising all kinds of unrealistic savings. We have performed our own calculations and can state that the average pack-a-day smoker can realistically expect to save up to £200-£250* per month if they switch completely to vaping.

*Our calculations are based the average vaper using 3ml of e-liquid per day, one replacement head per week, and up to 3 replacement batteries per year.


How is it affected by the UK smoking ban?

Lit tobacco produces tar, carcinogens, carbon monoxide and many hundreds of other toxic substances and is a contributory factor in the deaths of over 100,000 people each year in the UK, The UK Government decided to make it illegal to use tobacco based cigarettes in public places by introducing a wide-reaching smoking ban in 2006.

Chapter 28, Part 1, Chapter 1, Section 1, Para 2 of The Health Act 2006 states:

“smoking refers to smoking tobacco or anything which contains tobacco, or smoking any other substance; and smoking includes being in possession of lit tobacco or of anything lit which contains tobacco, or being in possession of any other lit substance in a form in which it could be smoked."

Therefore, the use of electronic smoking products and PVs is excluded from this Act as these devices contain no tobacco; are not ignited, and produce no smoke from burning substances.


So I can really use my e-cig in the pub/restaurant/public place?

YES! At present there is no law against vaping or using the e-smoking equipment public places. Due to public ignorance and general lack of awareness though, some restaurant chains have banned vaping on their premises, and in others, you may find yourself having to explain what you are doing is not harmful to others. We always recommend you ask first.


What is in the e-liquid?

Most e-liquid is a combination of Pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine VG) and food-safe flavourings, and a specified level of nicotine as required. Nicotine is addictive and is classed as a poison and cartridges and liquid MUST be kept away from children and pets – also see our Safety Information.


What does the nicotine strength mean?

E-liquid is available in various strengths, from no nicotine at all, right up to very high strength flavourless liquid for mixing your own custom blends. The strength is denoted as a milligram level per millilitre (mg/ml) or as a percentage. For example, a 24mg strength e-liquid contains 24mg nicotine per millilitre of liquid or expressed as a percentage, approximately 2.4% nicotine.


Why are there warning symbols on my e-smoking products?

Although the nicotine in our e-liquids is in dilution, nicotine in its pure form is a poison, and can cause harm. Current UK and EU regulations require certain warning pictograms and specific warning phrases to be present on the packaging. All products containing nicotine must be kept in a safe place and away from children and animals, because although the amounts we're ingesting through vaping aren't dangerous or life-threatening, if a curious pet were to get hold of a bottle and ingest a large amount, it may prove fatal. Also see our Safety Information.


How often should I charge my battery?

When you first receive your kit, the batteries will commonly contain some charge, so you may only need to charge them for a shorter time than the normal full charging duration.
Once you are regularly using your device, we recommend that you always have one battery on charge or already charged whilst you are using the other. Depending on your personal vaping habits, you can realistically expect a 650mAh EVOD style battery to last anything from 3 to 8 hours before needing to be re-charged.
If you are using larger capacity batteries in a high-end or “mod” device, you will usually experience much longer battery life.

Remember never to leave batteries on charge unattended, and also please read and observe the lithium battery safety instructions.


Does my e-cig require any special maintenance?

You can keep your e-cig in good working order by performing some basic cleaning every so often.
Gently clean the contacts between the battery & atomiser with tissue or a cotton bud to ensure a good electrical connection is made. 
Never over-tighten your atomiser/tank on your battery, or your battery on the charger. See 510 Connector Information.
Do not store your device in a pocket where it could be subjected to pressure when you sit down - we regularly see devices that have come apart at the battery connector because they have been sat on.

How long do the parts last?

Although the e-cig products we stock are manufactured to very high standards, they are functional devices that by their very nature will be used fairly intensively and so they will degrade over time and eventually fail. This is to be expected and these parts should be considered semi-disposable.

Cartomisers and atomiser heads can be expected to last 1-2 weeks depending on your usage level, and you should replace the head or coil in your device as soon as you notice a drop-off in vapour production or the taste deteriorates. They are covered by a Dead on arrival (DOA) warranty only due to their disposable nature.
E-cig batteries and their performance will degrade over a period of time. How long they last is dependent on many factors including how they are cared-for and how often they are used. With good care, and average use, you can usually expect them to function well for 3-6 months, and we advise replacement at 6 months, regardless of whether or not you've noticed a decrease in performance. We offer a 30 day warranty on batteries (except where otherwise stated). To be covered by this warranty, the battery must be used in accordance with our instructions, and only with atomisers/tanks and chargers recommended by and purchased from us directly.


How do I report a fault or return something?

Please see our Returns Policy.



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