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TPD Update

TPD Update

We understand there is still some confusion about the EU Tobacco Products directive (TPD) which came into law across the EU on May 2016. The UK implementation is known as the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR). It contains various restrictions and regulatory burden all of which will affect our customers to varying degrees. We’re currently in the transition period, and we can sell existing stock without restriction. This period ends on 19th May 2017, after which all products sold must meet the new requirements of the TRPR. Liquids without nicotine are exempt from these requirements.


Maximum 10ml bottle size and maximum nicotine strength of 20mg/ml (2%).


Maximum 2ml capacity for tanks, which must have a leak-free filling mechanism.

In addition to the size and strength restrictions, where a product contains nicotine, or could be used to contain nicotine the TRPR requires:

  • A large warning about nicotine on the front and back of the packaging (even where the product is sold empty).
  • Ingredients, composition and additional information and warnings to be on the outside of packaging and on enclosed leaflets.
  • Products to be comprehensively tested (including their emissions during use) and the data notified to the governing body 6 months before products are placed on sale (or before November 20th 2016 for products already on the market).
  • Sales of each notified product reported annually.

Some of the products you rely on may change to a compliant format, but many will not, and will become unavailable for sale to consumers in the UK and EU. The substantial costs involved in the testing and notification will lead to a further reduction in the variety of products on the market as most manufacturers will only be able to afford to test and submit their best sellers. Prices may increase slightly to cover the costs of the testing and notification, as well as the additional packaging.

We have been unable to import any non-compliant products since November 20th 2016, and so non-compliant products are beginning to sell out, and won’t be replenished. As you're browsing the website, you may notice a red box with the text "NOT PURCHASABLE IN THE EU AFTER MAY 19 This is your cue to buy now, whilst you still can, because you will not be able to purchase this product after this date. If you see this on a 30ml e-liquid, we recommend you browse the site to see if there is a 10ml compliant version available.

We advise you to ensure you have stocks of your favourite products on hand well before May and transition to compliant products as soon as they become available. We have been concentrating our efforts and working hard with our manufacturers to prepare compliant items over the last 6 months and although there are huge challenges to overcome, we are hopeful about the future of vaping post-2017.

For further information please see our earlier TPD blog post.

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