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Dicodes No. 6

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this lasted every day for 3.5 years
from Scott Fraser on 14/01/2020
So, my no.6 has just started to intermittantly malfunction:
total time constant burn: 563 hours
total vapes: 602997
bought June 2016
£5(ish) per month!
I've immediately bought another one! I wouldn't use anything else, the value for money is incredible, don't look at the price tag just think how long you will be holding this unbelievably high quality item in your hand for
High Quality
from Rafael Kusumi on 18/10/2019
German pedigree over engineered and of corse electronics function flawlessly and more efficient which makes battery seem to last forever (like that it uses 26650). Fit and finish have to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. A little pricey but a better value in terms of life span and use per $. If you buy nice things in general that are worth it you may make a face at the register but you will probably smile every time you use it there after. Only thing that could be a negative for some, but for most its not a deal breaker, is 24mm max tank without it overhanging past the edge. Also feel it like it is made (contoured) for right handed use but not difficult to use in the left.
Great hardware
from Alaa El-Ziki on 22/09/2019
Great site provide u with all you need and a awesome product which will stay with u forever
Used every day for over 3 years
from Scott Fraser on 29/08/2019
Hi all, I've been meaning to do a review on this for a while now because it really is worth every penny. It has never failed me in around 1000 days of constant use. All the buttons are as 'clicky' as the day I opened the packaging!
Before I bought this I was spending around the £100 Mark for multiple mods and all were wearing out really quick but not this, this really is one of the most finely engineered products I've ever owned.
If I was going to really dig deep and moan about something it'd be the surface of the device, it's a bit slippery but this was easily remedied with a wrap.
So in conclusion, if you're sitting hovering over the buy it now button thinking this is really damn expensive just think how long it'll last you and just click the button!
Ps I'm left handed and never found it a problem
Stunning !
from Anonymous on 18/04/2019
First I have to say a big thanks to Keith, who patiently and knowledgably answered all my questions before purchasing the Dicodes No. 6. Excellent customer care.

The mod itself? Well, it looks great in the pictures - well-built, stylish, and ergonomic. It's only when you unbox your Dicodes that you really appreciate just how very beautifully engineered this mod is. Faultless ! In your hand, it feels so comfortable and assuring; I finger fire with my right hand normally, but if "mousing" or writing, I use my left hand, finger fire again, and the profile works great there too.

The scratch-resistant finish feels silky, and is far less "sticky" than other mods I've owned. It doesn't feel "cold" when you first grab it, unlike, say, my Vapoflask Classic. It's not too heavy. Just right, I'd say.

The display is very nice. Loads of options from the famous Dicodes board... I just use mine in power mode, 24 W, with a Kayfun Mini V3 tank, but there is something there for everyone.

I charge my batteries separately, so the absence of USB charging is not an issue for me. I have two batteries in cycle - one charging / charged... the other in the mod. If you want to avoid scratching the battery cap with a coin or screwdriver, when swapping batteries, a slender piece of wood - or a heavy plectrum - might be a useful tool to have in your box of tricks.

Most importantly, how does it vape? My feeling is that Dicodes No 6 is smooth, authoritative, and delivers significantly improved flavour and performance over a cheaper mod with the same tank.

The glory of hindsight makes me just wish I'd bought this mod in the first place, rather than half a dozen £30-50 mods. That would actually have been cheaper. So if you are in a position to jump in at the quality end of the market, my advice would be, "don't hesitate".

Have I raved enough about this fabulous device? Probably. Time for a vape !
Simply the best
from Anonymous on 08/01/2017
6 months in using the mod and having had 129,443 puffs, it has performed flawlessly throughout.
Paired with a Squape X(Dream) the vape experience is far superior than cheaper mods using the same tank. Dicodes No.6 produces a far smoother, deeper most satisfying vape.
Read the bumpf about how it best suits right handers and use their index finger to press the button with? Worry not, I'm a thumb button presser and the Mod sits perfectly in either left or right hand.
Overall, this is an incredibly reliable and top quality device.
Fantastic vape
from Anonymous on 08/11/2016
This is a great mod. The build quality is second to none which I really like. It is on a heavy side, but that is a reasonable trade off. Most importantly, the NiFe30 in Keyfun 5 finally brings a satisfying vape to me again. I could not be happier. The consistency is unmatched to anything I have used previously. The long warranty sweetens the deal.
Superb finish, great machining, 5 stars
from Anonymous on 03/08/2016
I have used this device now for 3 months, I absolutely love it, it takes a while to get used to the settings however once figured out you can really tune your taste, this can all be done on the mod, I have the Kayfun 5 on it and use this daily, both together they are truly work horses. Initially I did think the price was a bit high and I guess it is, but you do get what you pay for on this one, I don’t have any regrets, I would love the Danni V2 or the 2380 only if they had a bit more power! This one fortunately does go up to 60 watts which is perfect for me.
from Anonymous on 05/07/2016
First I was a little apprehensive of buying this as I have never had any experience with dicodes and having used a radius for the last year was looking for a device that could replace my radius for build quality but had all the modern bells and whistles that the radius lacks.
The dicodes completely overwhelmed me with how it performs the attention to detail in the manufacturing is exceptional I can usually pick up any flaw with my purchase especially when it is a expensive one however it was delivered to me pristine.
Mechanically the device is a screamer it will never win a watts war but honestly this is the most high end chip I have ever used in a device from what I have seen extremely accurate in both temperature control and wattage.
As someone who has used provaris as my daily drivers for a while now it has been almost as if I have been stood out in the cold watching even the cheaper devices overtake its capability however with the dicodes I honestly cannot think of a single thing I would like to add or change.
Side note cremedevape have been fantastic I ordered the device on Thursday afternoon and it was on my desk at work the following morning Keith was kind enough to answer my questions on the dicodes even when they was on holiday ten out of ten to both the dicodes and cremedevape highly recommended.
★★★★★ Top Notch !! ★★★★★
from Anonymous on 25/05/2016
The perfect Mod to compliment 23mm - 24mm RTA's ! Steady and stable when in temperature control. There is a slight learning curve to menu selection and too few tutorial videos in English. Fits well in the hand, well designed/machined and is extremely solid. Sophisticated and Smart !
Highest Technology today!
from Anonymous on 15/04/2016
The Dicodes No.6 is a true high end mod, when advanced technology is the criteria of judgment, the capabilities and adjustability are absolutely the best in the industry today, excellent ergonomics, relatively easy navigation of the complex menus, with the three button interface, if advanced technology, excellent, best of the best electronic capabilities, and advanced performance are your most important judgment criteria, you can do no better than the Dicodes No.6. A truly outstanding Vaping instrument.
Another Massive Thumbs Up...!!!
from Anonymous on 31/01/2016
As is often the case, it was with a little trepidation that I hit the "Buy" button on what is an expensive piece of hardware... But before I had time to think about it too much, the Dicodes No.6 had landed at Cookie Towers...!!! The minute I started unwrapping the parcel and cast eyes on this beautiful mod, all of that trepidation just melted away in an instant...!!!

First thing that you notice is how superbly well made and finished this device is... I mean, it really is such a lot nicer in hand than any photos can ever show you and the build quality just oozes class... The menu system had me struggling for a little while, but once you suss it out it actually becomes very logical and fast to navigate... The real cherry on this glorious cake is how the No.6 handles temperature control...!!! Even with some fairly nice gear on the desk, the Dicodes has them running for cover...!!! Without a shred of doubt, if temperature controlled vaping is your thing, then you need one of these devices as it is almost unbelievably consistent in its handling of temp control, making your atomisers perform like you never knew they ever had it in them...!!! Truly an exceptional device and worth every single penny...
from Anonymous on 31/01/2016
Been using this for a few days now and extremely glad I decided to buy it.
Superb build quality. Good materials and fine tolerances.
Ergonomic - fits comfortably in either left or right hand. Nice weight to it.
Features - way too many to mention, suffice to say that if you wanted to modify an aspect of the control system, you probably can :-)
It might seem like a high price to pay, but believe me - you get what you pay for!
Next time they are in stock...don't hesitate.
Excellent product, makes the Dicodes board a dream to navigate.
from Anonymous on 27/01/2016
Arrived this morning, not left my hand yet. Running my Kayfun v4s on it and they are a perfect pair. Sits incredibly comfortably in the hand, looks the absolute badgers nadgers. The new three button layout makes the Dicodes board an absolute dream to navigate. Absolutely my device of choice, a perfect score of 5/7 ;)