Liquids for electronic cigarettes made by expert flavourists for a top-level Italian made product.

The Suprem-e line of e-liquids is the outcome of months of study and research, during which, expert flavourists have achieved tastes and aromas of the very highest quality.
Suprem-e liquids, produced and tested in Italy, are constantly certified by laboratories authorised by Italy’s Istituto Superiore della Sanità to ensure safety of ingredients, top-quality manufacture and consistency.

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Suprem-e First Pick Re-brand

Product no.: JSP-FPR

Premium warm-steeped virginia for a complex, luxury taste

£12.95 *

Suprem-e RY4 Re-brand

Product no.: JSP-RY4RE

Premium warm-steeped RY4 for a complex, luxury taste

£12.95 *

Suprem-e First Lab e-liquid

Product no.: JSP-FL

from £4.95 *

Suprem-e Cherry Bomb E-liquid

Product no.: JSPCH

£3.95 *
Normal Price £4.25

Suprem-e Premium Italian E-liquid 10ml

Product no.: JSP10

E-liquid by expert Italian Flavourists

£3.95 *

Suprem-e Premium Italian E-liquid 20ml

Product no.: JSP20

E-liquid by expert Italian Flavourists

£0.95 *
Normal Price £6.95

+ P&P if applicable