Efest 6-Bay Mains charger with bluetooth

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Efest LUC Blu6 OLED Bluetooth Battery Charger 


The Blu6 is a Bluetooth capable 6-bay battery charger designed to safely charge 18xxx and 26xxx series lithium Ion batteries. Each independent slot features a monitoring control button which shows the slot charging status on the integraded OLED screen. A multi-function button allows the user to toggle the OLED screen light on and off, display the Blu6's serial number and choose the preferred charging current of a selected slot.

The Blu6 has a new integrated bluetooth communication module with support for smart-phone charging status monitoring which is extremely handy to remotely monitor the charging status of your batteries without leaving your chair.

The battery slots are capable of charging 6 differently sized batteries at the same time and the stainless steel slot spring retraction has been tested for 10,000+ retractions.

LUC Blu6 Features

  • Six independent charging bays
  • HD OLED screen displays charging status of each slot by selecting slot button
  • All slots accomodate 18650 batteries, slots 1 & 6 accommodate 26650 batteries
  • Batteries NOT included

OLED Screen Instruction

  • Screen display:Display the charging status of each slot cyclically (slot No., voltage, current and charging mode). Each slot will show for 3 seconds.
  • Note: When select 2.0A charging mode, there will be a 0.2V deviation between the actual battery voltage and the displaying voltage, due to the large current amplification effect.
  • Selecting display mode:Press a slot button when the screen is in cycle display mode, and it will switch to show the selected slot immediately. The display will go back to cycle display mode after 5 seconds.
  • Screen off mode:Press the multifunction function button to turn off the screen light when it’s in cycle display mode, press again to turn it on and back in cycle display mode. If batteries are in the unit, they will continue to charge.
  • Charger ID dispaly mode:Press the multifunction function button for 5 seconds to show the Blu6’s serial No. when it’s in cycle display mode. Connect your phone with the charger via this ID.

Box Contents

  • OLED Blu6 Charger body
  • UK mains adaptor
  • Operation Manual
  • Warranty card

Dimensions (approx)
Width: 185mm
Length: 98mm
Height: 42mm

Please read Lithium battery safety information before charging/using lithium batteries.


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