Fiber Freaks wicking material

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Fiber Freaks wicking material

Cotton Blend Pads Density 1


Fiber Freaks has provided high-quality innovative wicking materials since 2014. Their products are the result of months of research in collaboration with scientists, health care specialists, manufacturers, and engineers specialised in fibres.

The Fiber Freaks COTTON BLEND is the world's first wicking product that contains a blend of different materials. The high taste neutrality of their cellulose is one of its major assets; the taste of the e-liquids is clear and pure. Fiber Freaks wanted to bring greater diversity to their range of wick tastes.

Some plant fibres affect the taste of the e-liquid, giving it extra tone. This is the case for cotton; particularly favoured by many vapers. Perfectly purified, it brings a particular roundness to the taste.
Fiber Freaks have selected organic Pima cotton cultivated in the USA and have developed a specific purification process and their COTTON BLEND is:

  • The highest quality soft cotton
  • Purified
  • Unbleached
  • Mixed with Fiber Freaks Cellulose fibres to combine all the qualities of the different materials in a unique wick
  • The roundness of flavour of cotton combined with the purity and strength of cellulose.

Available two densities:

Density 1 is the ‘airy’ version: the user pulls off some fibres and rolls it in a wick shape before threading it into the coil. In this way the fibres are aligned when pulled, offering a better supply of liquid. Great for high wattage, but can be used for any atomiser.
Density 2 is denser and thicker. It has to be cut with scissors in strips and offers fine tuning of the wick. Adapted to every type of atomiser, density 2 keeps its strength through time.

Bag contains four pads that need to be cut in the direction of the fiber along the length of the pad. This is indicated on the bag.

Supplied in a practical and attractive "soft touch" zip-lock pouch.


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