Speciality pre-built coils - 10pk

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Pack of 10 Speciality pre-built coils


Pack of 10 pre-built speciality coils for super-easy RBA building.

These coils are perfectly suited for drippers and tanks with large wire holes, and wide-open airflow.

Choose from the following:

  • SS316L Staggered Fuse Clapton Coils - 26GA(0.4mm)+32GA(0.2mm)*2+(0.5*0.1) *ID2.5- resistance 0.2Ω
  • A1 Kanthal Alien Coils - 26GA(0.4mm)*3+32GA(0.2mm)*ID2.5 - resistance 0.15Ω
  • Ni80 Fused clapton Coils - 30ga*2+40ga ID2.5 - resistance 0.80Ω
  • Ni80 Fused clapton Coils - 26ga*2+36ga ID3.0 - resistance 0.30Ω
  • Ni80 Tricore fused clapton Coils - 3-28ga+36ga ID2.5 - resistance 0.32Ω
  • Ni80 MTL staple clapton Coils - 4-0.1*0.3/40ga ID2.5 - resistance 0.68Ω
  • Ni80 MTL staple clapton Coils - 8-0.1*0.3/36ga ID3.0 - resistance 0.34Ω
  • Ni80 MTL staple clapton Coils - 2-28ga/4-0.1*0.3/36ga ID3.0 - resistance 0.30Ω
  • Ni80 Alien Coils - 3*28ga/36ga ID3.0 - resistance 0.36Ω
  • Ni80 Alien Coils - 3*26ga/36ga ID3.0 - resistance 0.21Ω


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