Customer ratings for Kayfun [Lite] Drip Tip by Svoemesto - Steel

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Number of ratings: 16
Average rating: 5
So comfortable
from Archie MacGilp on 18/07/2023
Great little drip tip that works brilliantly on many atties
perfect for the Kayfun prime
from DONNA ALLISON on 11/12/2022
not keen on metal drip tips so tried this on my Prime and fits perfect, thanks Cremedevape also
Best tip ever
from Paul Richards on 27/02/2021
The go go tip for all my rtas
Lovely addition to the Kayfun
from Claire Dawes on 25/02/2021
Great driptip and a really lovely addition to the Kayfun

Creme de Vape give a fantastic service and I love how your delivery comes wrapped in tissue paper with a sweet. Vapemail is a pleasure to receive
Drip Tip
from David Brunton on 18/12/2020
Bought this to go along with the clear bell cap looks gorgeous and is confrontable in the mouth you can run the original metal drip tip with the bell cap but looks better matching it with this drip tip.

Also the delivery was very quick would order again.
Just the tip
from Tom Wilson on 12/05/2020
Superior quality and a perfect fit. Great if you lose your original, or want to add a little understated class to a different tank.
Here's a little tip for you...
from Austin Green on 06/05/2020
If your finding the standard metal tip is getting abit uncomfortable due to heat build up then this will definately help, it's perfectly paired with the ice cap too (and further reduces residual heat build up).
Great original tip
from Evgeny Romanov on 23/03/2020
High-quality original tip. Excellent color matching to plain glass and expansion glass. Does not burn lips.
doesn't hit your teeth as hard ;)
from Egor Sokolov on 15/03/2020
I really dislike metal driptips (like the stock one), so getting this was a no-brainer
nice driptip
from Egor Sokolov on 15/03/2020
a bit pricey, but you get that matchy-matchy action with the clear dome/bell extensions. I also really dislike metal driptips (like the stock one), so this one's a definite winner for me.

Little bit of a con - it gets condensate and drops after the first draw you make, but I don't know if svoemesto could do anything about this... maybe make the walls thicker so it's less noticeable?
Great MTL drip tip..
from Andy Gardner on 03/03/2020
Lovely little drip tip, it seems to concentrate the flavour, looks great on most tanks and it’s very good at preventing juice being sucked up into your mouth due to the internal design.
from Anonymous on 07/02/2020
Very good driptips...make any atty look good..perfect for mtl vaping...
from Anonymous on 07/01/2020
very good quality..perfect for mtl..
Excellent quality
from Mostafa Youssef on 09/12/2019
I love this drip tip so much. The looks the quality the tightness. The only draw back for this drip tip that it’s kinda short which makes it doesn’t go well with all tanks
The 'Ultem-ate' 510 tip for the Kayfun Lite
from Anonymous on 05/10/2019
The tip compliments the standard ultem section of the 2019 kayfun lite perfectly, its the oldskool slim style, so no widebore action here, which means it lends itself perfectly to the xs pin for an improved/smoother mtl experience !
Spot on
from Alan Watson on 11/06/2019
Great drip tip for tanks that have a collar like the Zenith.
Once in place, you're left with around 10mm of the tip useable. 15mm overall length, with 5mm of that for the 510.

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