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Svoemesto Kayfun [Lite] MTL RTA - 24mm
Product no.: zzSM-241

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Svoemesto Kayfun Lite [plus] - 24mm

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Average rating: 4.8
Kayfun lite Mtl rta
from Stephen Early on 25/11/2023
I ordered the kayfun lite rta on Monday and received it Tuesday it’s my 1st high end rta and it is worth playing the extra money for it I love it I’m using net Virginia in it it’s bloody lovely I want to get the kayfun lite plus next thank u crème de vape great service
Amazing flavour!
from Anonymous on 20/11/2020
I've been a Haku RDA user for months and not using a RDTA for years decided it was time to give one a go.
Having never owned a Kayfun product I thought now was the time.

Could not be happier with this tank, easy enough to build that I got it right the first time - no leaks or gurgling. I haven't used an RDA since getting it, and have also bought another KFL 2019 in black, that's how much I love it.
Obviously the draw is a lot more restrictive than a Venna, but with the airflow as wide as it goes, it's possible to get a very restrictive direct lung vape, and that's exactly how I've been using it.

The tank came well packaged from Svoemesto with loads of spares, and the delivery from CDV was spot on - arrived on time and even came with a free sweet and a mini-screwdriver keyring.
Smooth as silk
from Chris Orme on 08/11/2020
Brilliant product,superb engineering,you have to tweek it to what you find works best for you.i have the xs centre pin installed which makes it much better.i found that you don't need 7/8 wraps just 4 max that delivers superb flavour and throat hit.excellent purchase through creme de vape,flawless and quick,will definitely purchase again through this company.
from Anonymous on 10/09/2020
Perfect experience of mtl vape
Easy to build and no need to talk about quality
More than 5 stars
Kayfun lite
from Brian Vernon on 30/07/2020
Simplicity but perfection the market keeps getting flooded with upgrades all the time svoemesto don’t have to upgrade because they get it right 1st time any part u need is available so u don’t have to buy new atty I’ll stick with the best and forget the rest excellent service as always from creme de vape thankyou
from Anonymous on 28/07/2020
Very good mtl vape.. decent capacity.. easy to build and wick.. well made atty with plenty of accessories...
Beautiful but flawed
from Craig Foster on 20/07/2020
Arrived extremely quick and very well packed - 5 stars for Cremedevape. Now the Kayfun lite 2019. I’ve been vaping for 7 years, had a tonne of high end mods, RDA’s etc but kind of skipped MTL. I won’t get too wordy so will keep it basic.
Pro’s are flavour, looks, airflow, did I mention looks!!
Con’s are hot drip tip, fiddly deck ,build quality, leaks from airflow “plug”.

NOTE: I have stopped the leaking by smearing a tiny bit of Vaseline on the airflow “plug” before installing (you’re welcome!)

Remember this is coming from someone who has not had a Kayfun so I’m not used to a tiny build deck. The hot drip tip has seemed to been cured with the addition of long mode. Now for the controversial bit - build quality , the materials are spot on - no doubt about it but do I think this tank has better threads and “quality” than a decent Chinese tank - No. The new aspire/taifun GT tank is easily as well made, with better threading - it’s almost £50 cheaper but obviously not rebuildable. The question is, will this tank remain in my everyday setup - god yes, it’s stunning to look at and performs very well!!
Excellent website service
from HuseeN qneaer on 17/06/2020
The tank is very good. The flavor is strong and clear. I recommend using it and purchasing from this site. The tank is original and very fast delivery service.

thank you
Great little flavour banger
from Thomas Baggott on 19/05/2020
Fantastic service, wasn’t expecting it to arrive within 24 hours after purchase due to covid-19 putting a strain on logistics (Royal Mail).

Got my Kayfun Lite 24mm sat on top my Asmodus X Ultroner Thor II DNA75C looking super sexy! It’ll look better on a Dicodes mod though. The flavour is top notch rivalling the ExVape ExPromizer V4 which is sat on top of my Tugboat DNA75. Someday I will order the Taifun GT4 and GTR.
from Dan White on 15/05/2020
Being that this RTA is high end, and has the price to reflect this, I am very disappointed with the quality of flavor that I get from the Kayfun. I have had this for 2-3 weeks and have put countless builds in this from kanthal to nichrome to stainless steel and now MTL staple coils at different id's from 2mm to 3mm at different wattage's, different wicking techniques and am still getting less flavor than a MTL tank like the Nautilus 2 or the Uwell Whirl.

I am using flavors that I know very well and have vaped for years, I have watched countless tutorials and been on multiple forums to see if I can get this trademark Kayfun flavor that has a cult like following but I just can't make this work.

I also have other MTL RTA's that I have had no issue using the same coil types. My typical builds for these are with 28g kanthol, 7 1/2 wraps, 2.5mm id, or 26g kanthol, 8 1/2 wraps, 2.5mm id. Comes off with fantastic flavor, but not in this RTA.

I am open to suggestions! Am I doing something wrong? I really want to make this tank work and enjoy it like everyone else seems to be!

Other than that, the build quality is superb
Nice piece of kit
from Dan Nguyen on 18/04/2020
It lives up to the hype, as I exclusively using tobacco flavours for mtl attys and to be honest, this atty edges out both the v4 and my dotmtl rta in terms of flavour!
Great piece of kit
from Daren Pink on 15/04/2020
This is a great piece of kit - the machinery is first class and the customer service from creme de vape is outstanding
Excellent RTA - Top Service
from Andy Knape on 26/03/2020
Great RTA and you wouldn’t expect anything less from svoemesto.
-Build Quality
-Ease of use
-Flavour for days!
Great service as always from Creme de vape, even with everything going on, it was dispatched the day and ordered and and delivered the very next day!
Super fast service
from James Yoder on 05/01/2020
Looked all over for this tank, finally was able to locate it here. Super fast shipping and even came with a English toffee!
Great customer service
from Anonymous on 12/12/2019
Great item and brilliant customer service went out of there way to help .. would highly recommend buying from this site 100%
Almost but not quite perfect
from Stephen Hatton on 07/12/2019
I bought the 24mm version of this tank along with the long mode kit and the XS centre pin. With my custom drip tip sitting on top of my stainless steel Uwell Nunchaku 2 it looks the dogs bits. I have now owned this tank for one week and I’m pleased to say that the hype about the flavour isn’t just bull. I’m enjoying it so much I’m considering buying a second one. However I do have two complaints. The first would be the machining. By that I mean sharp edges, whilst disassembling to replace the centre pin I managed to cut myself on the threads on the base. My second and biggest gripe is that the wicking is very unforgiving if you restrict the airflow beyond a certain point. I managed to flood the tank a dozen times thinking I’d just made a hash of wicking before realising that it was the choking of the airflow that was the cause. So now I am left with a tank that looks great and produces totally wicked flavour, but the draw could do with being that little bit tighter. Can I live with it ... ? I think so. This is a really good tank that I would happily recommend.
from Spencer New on 13/11/2019
I've heard many a good thing about the Kayfun lite 2019,
Finally i thought i would take the plunge. Boy am i loving it, the most perfect mtl experience ive ever had.
The overall fit amd finish of the rta is absolutely flawless.
Building on it is a breeze, 7 wraps ni80 28 awg=1.15 ohm.
At a lovely 15 to 16 watts, simply amazing.
That lovely little reduced chamber just amplifiers the flavour so much.
People may think it's expensive, but think for one minute on how many mtl rta's you may have bought to find the perfect mtl experience, me included.
Well i can safely say for people looking-for the perfect mtl experience, look no further, this is it baby. Doesn't get any more satisfying.
The service from cremdevape was brilliant, came superfast, and it was packaged with care. Hopefully you have or will eventually see what i mean.
Lives up to the hype!
from Matthew Harris on 25/10/2019
Brought one of these for my wife and I was blown away by it, so much so I brought another one for myself. The machining is flawless and the flavour is incredible! It's easy to build and wick. I would highly recommend these RTAs and great service and super fast delivery. Thanks guys
Do yourself a flavor and get one!
from Eli Iluz on 24/10/2019
I used to hang out with my stellar *Berserker V1.5 Mini RTA* (Which still love). But the Kayfun Lite [2019] is on another level. "Flavor for days" as some folks use say. 100%... So sleek and basically everything about it is so freaking awesome. It's my first Kayfun and yes, the rumors did turn out to be true - It's absolutely stunning! Once you put your hands on one of these you'll never ever go back!
Amazing product, amazing service
from Anonymous on 09/10/2019
Build quality is what you would expect.. Absolutely top notch. Vape and flavour is very good. Service from Creme De Vape was Stellar too. Highly recommend the Kayfun Lite and highly recommend Creme De Vape for their superb service.
The best mtl
from Antony John Hart on 07/08/2019
Let me start by saying that I have the prime and loved it emphasis on loved, this is with out a doubt my new love. Ease of use, wicking and omg the flavour its Amazing. Suggest to veiw Grimm green with regards wicking I followed his example and it came alive. Would also like to say a big thanks to all at creme de vape for the 1st rate service, I received a msg saying it's in stock, ordered it and received it the next day. Great work guys will be ordering all from you from now on.

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