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510/P3 Kabuki Tank by House of Hybrids

Product no.: HOH-45


£69.95 *
Normal Price £79.95
In stock

510/P3 Kabuki Tank - Titanium Edition

Product no.: HOH-49

£139.95 *
Limited quantity available

Pair of replacement Kabuki o-rings

Product no.: HOH-ORINGS

£2.75 *

Kabuki P3 to 510 adapter

Product no.: HOH-48

£10.95 *
In stock

House of Hybrids "Gertrude" Tip

Product no.: HOHT-GERT

£9.95 *

House of Hybrids "John Doe" Tip

Product no.: HOHT-JD

£14.95 *

House of Hybrids "Kocho" Tip

Product no.: HOHT-KOCH

£15.95 *

Kabuki Steel Tank

Product no.: HOH-05

£10.95 *
In stock

Kabuki Replacement Glass

Product no.: HOH-02

£8.95 *
In stock

Kabuki Polycarbonate Tank

Product no.: HOH-40

£6.95 *
In stock

510/P3 Kabuki spares kit

Product no.: HOH-47

£2.50 *
In stock

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