Drip Tips

Drip Tips

A drip tip is the all-important mouthpiece for the top of your atomiser or tank. Mouthpieces started being called drip tips, when enterprising folks first made an e-cig mouthpiece which a hole in it, which could be used to directly drip e-liquid onto the coil of a legacy 510 atomiser instead of using small and ineffective cartridges. The name stuck, even though not all drip tips are actually used for direct dripping any more.

Super-T manufacturing is credited with creating the first drip tips with a slot to house an o-ring to for a good secure fit because all atomisers and tanks have slight variances in their opening.

We've got so many drip tip styles to choose from, categorised by material and manufacturer so finding your perfect vape accessory is a breeze! Alternatively, just scroll down to see them all.

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VapeTime Inc. "Bullet" Drip Tip
from £2.47
SQuip Tip X by StattQualm
Dual Coil Tank Funnel