Crème de Vape RS

Crème de Vape's Realistic Sensations range has been developed to resemble real cigarette tastes as closely as possible. Expertly blended, the complex flavours are stronger than usual pre-mixed formulas and they all taste very tailor-made.

The lightest of the range, RS Super-Light is a delicious custom blend that's ideal for light smokers trying out vaping for the first time. Some vapers notice a very slight citrus top note. An all-day vape and also a good mixer or base for your own mixes.  

A very cigarette-like blend, RS Mild is a stronger flavour than RS Super-Light and provides a slightly more intense throat hit. 

Fabulously clean and crisp, RS Refresh is a strong aromatic menthol, with a smooth, almost creamy base and sharp icy kick. Popular even with those who don't normally lean towards menthol liquids.

Very strong and complex tobacco blend with a distinctive flavour that is remeniscent of strong pipe tobacco with a nutty hint.

Rich, strong flue-cured tobacco blend with an unmistakable and strong cigarette after-taste. 

The strongest cigarette-like flavour in the range. No cloying sweetness or fragrant back note, just pure tobacco richness. 

E-Liquid production, quality control and batch testing
Our e-liquid is produced in a 10,000 square metre state-of-the-art e-liquid manufacturing facility in China, from only the finest raw materials, natural extracts and pharmaceutical grade ingredients, using the most advanced production techniques and quality control processes to enable conformity to the highest international health and pharmaceutical standards.

We regularly send random samples of our liquid to an independent UK laboratory for GCMS analysis so you can be certain we are supplying a high quality and consistent product which doesn't contain anything it shouldn't. The tests carried out include nicotine assay, PG/VG percentage and known contaminants including Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl, Diethylene Glycol and Ethylene Glycol.

Important Information
All of our e-liquids are supplied in child-resistant bottles with appropriate safety warnings and tactile labels, however, we urge you to be aware of and take the appropriate safety precautions at all times.

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