Boards and accessories for modmakers

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DNA 75C by Evolv

Product no.: EVOLV-14

£53.95 *
In stock

DNA60 by Evolv

Product no.: EVOLV-12

£48.95 *
In stock

DNA 250 by Evolv

Product no.: EVOLV-13

£68.98 *
In stock

SX550J Bluetooth Board by YiHi

Product no.: SX550J

£69.95 *
In stock

SX475J Board by YiHi

Product no.: SX475J

£56.95 *
In stock

YiHi Joystick for 475J and 550J boards

Product no.: SXMINI-77

£2.95 *
In stock

SX350J-v2 Board by YiHi

Product no.: SX350J-V2

£62.95 *
In stock

Dicodes BF60 board

Product no.: DICODES-50

£74.95 *
In stock

Dicodes FL80 board

Product no.: DICODES-51

£83.95 *
In stock

DNA 75 by Evolv

Product no.: EVOLV-10

£32.95 *
In stock

DNA200 by Evolv

Product no.: EVOLV-09


£51.96 *
Normal Price £64.95
In stock

DNA 40D by Evolv - LARGE display

Product no.: EVOLV-05


£29.95 *
Normal Price £42.95
In stock

Set of 9 Micro-Mesh polishing pads

Product no.: DIY-TOOL-15

£13.95 *
In stock

Evolv DNA Replacement Screen

Product no.: EVOLV-08

Replacement OLED for Evolv DNA boards

£10.95 *
In stock

New Evolv 1A USB Charging and data port

Product no.: EVOLV-15

£8.95 *
Limited quantity available

Evolv 1A USB Charging port

Product no.: EVOLV-11

£6.95 *
In stock

22mm sprung 510 atomiser connector

Product no.: CONN-MOD-01

£4.95 *
In stock

Modder's Connectors - 5pk

Product no.: CONN

Connectors for modders

£4.95 *

+ P&P if applicable