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Aspire Nautilus GT
Product no.: ASP-NAUT-GT
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Number of ratings: 10
Average rating: 4.8
Awesome tank
from Kelly Hall on 28/05/2021
I've had this tank for a while and have to say it's amazing.. I always used 5ML nautilus and was gutted it was discontinued even thow had issues and waited along time to find one with airholes instead of a strip... Well finally combining old features with the new paid off... I couldnt ask for a better tank... Draw on it hits the spot and flavour oh my my I finally get full flavour of my juice... Dont need to crank the wattage up to enjoy this well crafted tank... And looks awesome on my humvee mod... Chunky but funky like me
Quality Tank
from Steve Owen on 02/04/2020
This is a cracking tank.
Very well made.
Easy to fill/exchange coils
With the extension kit,it's perfect for MTL
This is as good as it will ever get with sub-ohm tanks
from MARK PINSON on 15/03/2020
The is an excellent product not matter what your vaping style\skill is. Brings the high end experience into the pre-made world. I really can't fault the product on anything.
Finally a replacement for the HoH Kabuki
from Anonymous on 09/03/2020
Having used the Kabuki until it wore out and being unable to get replacement parts, I have been looking for a replacement for the Nautilus BVC heads. Following advice from Creme de Vape, I got one of these rather reluctantly as I don’t generally like Chinese made tanks. Didn’t start well as the thing kept leaking through the air hole and base. I have now found a fix for this by buying slightly thicker juice (higher VG) and now that the leaking problem is fixed I am beginning to really like this tank. It’s super easy to fill and is well designed and made. It actually doesn’t feel like it’s Chinese made. Highly recommended once you find the right juice.
Taifun go Chinese with Aspire
from Ian Baron on 27/02/2020
I bought this to use at work as I didn't want to risk damaging my Taifun Gtr, and ease of use, just bang a coil in, no building, purchased the bigger tank and its great, for the money this is one of the best MTL tanks out there, it's designed by taifun and is similar to the gtr, you could say taifun built their own clone, a cracking little MTL vape, recommended
The best coils meet the best tank.
from Damian Webber on 23/02/2020
I think I've tried every pre-made coil tank there is, but I always seem to end up back with aspire as nothing ever comes close to flavour of the nautilus coils.

So the 2s has been my daily vape for a long time, much improved fill, but fiddly coil change and prone to frequent leaking through the air holes so I was hoping this tank would solve that problem.

It's now been a month since I bought this tank, and so far not a single leak. I'm getting the quality vape I am used to from the coils and no down sides. Nailed it.
Nautilus gt
from Brian Reid on 22/02/2020
For under £30 this is a top tier stock coil tank. The range of coils it can use and the availability of them has always set aspire apart. The collaboration between the two companies is evident in the style and quality of this tank,i was so impressed I purchased a second tank.
All i can say is WOW!
from Matthew Hackeson on 22/02/2020
I have been using the Nautilus range for many years now and simply love the coils, and also the Triton Mini coils too! The only issue I have ever had with Nautilus is the lack of top fill.. they managed to solve this with the Nautilus 2s, but it still was not perfect. But with the Nautilus GT they have done an amazing job! It feels like a £100+ tank but for under £30! All the threading is so smooth right out of the box. The top fill is incredibly easy and stress free and I have not yet experienced any leaking. The different air flow options are great. The tank is easy to fully break down for proper cleaning. It is already my favourite tank and I shall be ordering more!
A new standard
from Robert Hoyle on 22/02/2020
This is a must own product for mouth to lung vapers. The build is definitely akin to the existing Taifun tanks with fine machining and a perfect finish. Vape quality is assured with as near perfect airflow as I can imagine. It uses the well established Nautilus coils so finding a new coil out and about is no issue. There are a number of coil types now for Nautilus so there’s plenty of scope to fine tune things to suit your vaping style and liquid choice. Top class!
Chines High End?
from Jim Diehl on 21/02/2020
Did China finally build a high end tank? This is the finest machined tank that I’ve seen come out of China. It rivals my authentic Taifuns. When I took it apart for cleaning and putting in the 3ml glass, I couldn’t believe how nice it was. Watch Todd’s video. If you like Nautilus coils you are going to love this tank. So far no problems at all. Smokers Store and Aspire should be proud!