Customer ratings for TrustFire TR-001 Multi-functional Mains Charger

TrustFire TR-001 Multi-functional Mains Charger
Product no.: B56-01

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Number of ratings: 6
Average rating: 4.5
from Anonymous on 07/12/2017
First one I owned was fine (if rather slow at 0.5amps). broke after 3yrs and the 2 replacements I tried had such horrible tranformer whine that they were unusable. The grey version (you don't appear to have a choice which you get) is also unspeakably ugly
These work but buy something better.
Does what it's supposed to do
from Anonymous on 04/02/2013
I use this to charge AW IMR18350 3.7V Batteries, one or two at a time, which it does perfectly well. Takes about 1.5 hours, which is quicker than I can discharge one vaping, so that's fine. Cheap plastic but seems to perform well. No suspicious overheating or anything like that, so I would say great for the price.
It works, but...
from Anonymous on 30/03/2012
feels a bit cheap but then again, at £11.50, I suppose it IS cheap :)

has a 12v input for mobile use as well.
from Anonymous on 06/03/2012
Well pleased. I bought it for the 18650, didcovered it also works fine with the 18350 which is not mentioned on your specifications.. Very handy being able to charge two batteries.
Its good
from Anonymous on 22/01/2012
It charges the batts up ok but takes its time, 4 to 5 hours sometimes, all depends how much use ive had with batt, if its a good flavour then im gonna give it some! lol
Charges Batteries
from Anonymous on 07/01/2012
Yep, It charges the batteries up. Nice and fast and looks sporting. I also ordered some matching elasticated waist band 'slacks' from M&S the same week. I was pleasantly surprised to find the colours matched.

I'll be buying more M&S slacks next month. But in different colours.