AW Protected 14500 750mAh Battery

AW Protected 14500 750mAh Battery

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AW Protected 14500 3.7V Battery

Safety feature-rich Protected 14500 battery featuring a high current threshold and anti-explosion vent/PTC module in addition to the electronic PCB protection.

The anti-explosion vent/PTC module provides an added layer of protection against gas build-up in addition to the PTC thermal protection. Unlike regular vents used by most Li-Ion cells, these modules actually stop the action by separating the electrodes inside the battery when the pressure reaches a preset threshold. The vent disc will open and release the gas plus stopping the cell from further chemical reaction.

P14500 Specification:

  • Nominal Voltage : 3.7V
  • Capacity : 750mAh ( min. 700mAh ) - tested at 0.2C discharge with end voltage 3.0V
  • Internal Impedance : <100 m Ohm ( 1KHz )
  • Lowest Discharge Voltage : 2.50V
  • Ambient Temperature
    for Standard Charge : 0 C ~ 45 C
    for Discharge : -20 C ~ 60 C
  • Max. Discharge Rate : 2C
  • Dimensions :14 X 51mm ( +/- 0.5mm )

Counterfeit AW batteries are quite common and load tests have demonstrated that they are poor performing imitations and could be potentially dangerous. We source DIRECT from AW with no middle-men, so you can always be assured of genuine AW quality and performance when you purchase from Crème de Vape. 


Please read Lithium battery safety information before charging/using lithium batteries.



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