AW Protected 18500 1500mAh Battery

AW Protected 18500 1500mAh Battery

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AW Protected 18500 3.7V Battery

Safety feature-rich Protected 18500 battery featuring a high current threshold and anti-explosion vent/PTC module in addition to the electronic PCB protection.

The anti-explosion vent/PTC module provides an added layer of protection against gas build-up in addition to the PTC thermal protection. Unlike regular vents used by most Li-Ion cells, these modules actually stop the action by separating the electrodes inside the battery when the pressure reaches a preset threshold. The vent disc will open and release the gas plus stopping the cell from further chemical reaction.

P18500 Specification:

  • Nominal Voltage : 3.7V
  • Capacity : 1500mAh (min. 1350mAh) tested at 0.2C discharge with end voltage 3.0V
  • Internal Impedance : <80 m Ohm ( 1KHz )
  • Ambient Temperature
  • for Standard Charge : 0 C ~ 45 C
    for Discharge : -20 C ~ 60 C
  • Max. Discharge Rate : 2C (3A)
  • Dimensions :18 X 51 ( +/- 0.5mm )
This battery is NOT suitable for use in devices with electronics or variable voltage/wattage functionality as they have their own in-built protection that is not compatible with the protection circuitry on the battery.

Counterfeit AW batteries are quite common and load tests have demonstrated that they are poor performing imitations and could be potentially dangerous. We source DIRECT from AW with no middle-men, so you can always be assured of genuine AW quality and performance when you purchase from Crème de Vape. 


Please read Lithium battery safety information before charging/using lithium batteries.

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