Dual Coil Tank Funnel

Dual Coil Tank Funnel

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Dual Coil Tank Filling Funnel 

To enable easier filling of Dual Coil Tanks and similar.

To use:

  • Make note of the orientation of the holes on the filling funnel
  • Insert the filling funnel into the cartomiser until it's fully seated
  • Holding the filling funnel firm, slide the tank up until it stops
  • Hold at an angle of 45 degrees with one of the filling funnel holes pointing down
  • Slowly drip liquid into the filling funnel, ensuring it exits through the lower filling funnel hole, into the tank
  • Fill until only a small gap for air remains in the tank
  • Gently slide the tank body back down onto the cartomiser
  • Remove the filling funnel from the cartomiser, and replace with your drip tip of choice 

Remember if you're using the cartomiser for the first time, to also fill the cartomiser itself with approximately 30 drops of e-liquid.



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