Customer ratings for 10m Resistherm NiFe30 Resistance wire

10m Resistherm NiFe30 Resistance wire
Product no.: DICODES-06

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Number of ratings: 5
Average rating: 4.8
Great temp control wire
from Noel Harris on 12/03/2021
This wire goes great with the dicodes dani mod - its temp control and higher resistance which means longer battery life and on a single battery Dani 21700 you are laughing - vapes all day!!!!
best flavor
from yossi malka on 20/10/2019
Highly recommended for TC I use the wire with my Dani mini
To get a perfect flavor
Sturdy wire
from Anonymous on 18/03/2019
Makes nice coils that don’t effect the flavor of your juice. Probably one of the healthiest options, no nickel. I find it easy to work with. Great for higher resistances.
For Temperature Control Vaping, it really makes a difference
from Allan Gould on 15/12/2018
I received a sample of this wire with the Dicodes Dani Mini box mod I recently purchased and to be quite honest I thought I would try it but I won’t be buying any at that price.
Yet here I am.... purchased the 10m roll.
For temperature control vaping this wire makes a huge difference over the other options available with increased accuracy that allows the mod to provide a smooth consistent vape, like I have never experienced before.
I am using the wire in my Kayfun Lite and Prime and even with basic mods, with the TCR setting at 320, the improvements justify the extra expense of this product.
from Anonymous on 30/03/2016
If you are looking for an excellent flavour with different juices then in my opinion this is the best wire to use.My build is single spaced coil,20 wraps which gives me a resistance of 1 ohm.This is installed on the squape Rs wide deck and vaped on any of the dicodes mods.In temperature control it is so easy to dial in the sweet spot of different juices i.e. custard type juices 460f while fruit juices 400f.
This wire is very expensive compared to other wires on the market.When the coil becomes gunky I have found that using water and gently scraping the coil with ceramic tweezers brings the coil back to good as new.I vape a lot of custard flavour juices and find the coil becomes gunky quickly.i perform this procedure once a week.I have not replaced a coil in four weeks and still counting.I think the secret is not to let the coil become to gunky and to use space coils.