Dicodes Dani 25

Dicodes Dani 25

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Dicodes Dani 25
from on 21/01/2020
well what a piece of machinery it stunning was unsure about buying a tube mod but now just love it now battery life for days
and excellent service from Creme de vape as all ways
thank you
Dicodes 25
from on 29/12/2019
I’ve been using the Dicodes product for a while now, owning the V3 long and short plus the Dicodes Mini,
Decided to purchase the Dani 25 because it offer the use of a 20700 or a 21700 battery configuration,
I decided to opt for the 21700 because of the battery capacity they offer,
The Dicodes products are built to fine Precision using the best quality materials available, the menu system on the tube models are navigated by the fire button and once use to it it’s very easy to navigate,
Temperature Control is considered the best of the best by the Vaping community so if you love Vaping with temperature control the Dicodes is the mod for you,
The price tag is a tad higher than the average mod but for that little extra you are buying something that’s been Precisely built and will last you for many years to come.
10 stars if they offered it as a rating!
from on 27/11/2017
First, let me say what a pleasure it is to do business with Creme de Vape. I am a US resident and had a few questions prior to sale that were promptly and thoroughly answered. I also found that much to my surprise (and joy) that making my purchase here was substantially less expensive than buying my Dani 25 through the licensed US retailer "Dicodes USA", even including overseas shipping! Made me feel like a very smart shopper!
Now about the Dani 25 itself. I'm vaping with it right now. I have a dual coil 5 wrap 27 gauge 2.5 ID Resistherm NiFe coils ohming out at .389 inside an iJoy Captain RTA and am vaping in temp control at 24W @ 550F. I'm getting dripping quality flavor and a slightly warm vape. Perfect for me inasmuch as I don't like too much heat. The Captain (silver) sits perfectly on top and the two look like they were made for each other. I first used a Kayfun 5 and an Emotion and while they both performed fine, overall they made the entire unit longer than I like. I also prefer direct lung vaping and my current setup is much more to my liking. Initially, I was concerned/doubtful that I might not master the menu sufficiently to enable me to fully enjoy all the features that this mod offers. No problem! After a couple hours (and watching Daniel of DJLsb Vapes using an earlier version) I was up and running. The mod itself doesn't come with a manual, you find it online. I've got to say that the manual itself is kinda hit or miss. Overall it's pretty confusing but after watching the video mentioned above a couple times while also following the steps in the manual it became much more understandable. This mod does everything that an 80 W device is capable and will never need a firmware update. Got to love that!
I've longed for a Dicodes device for years. I have several of the latest/greatest both DNA and SX Mini devices. I extremely rarely need more wattage than the Dani 25 has..90% of my current mods are going to be put in my "maybe/maybe not" box.. the only ones that I'll continue to use alongside my Dani are my squonkers. In a perfect world, Dicodes would design and release a dual 20700/21700 roughly 100-120 W Squonker! (Firmware upgradable would insure future proof). Give it a 10-12 ml semi-soft squonk bottle and I could chain vape for hours.
So here's the bottom line. If you are reading this, you are already considering purchasing the Dani 25. Do it..Don't hesitate...This absolutely is the ultimate single battery mod! US residents, the folks at Creme de Vape will treat you right.. and you'll save substantial money as compared to the only licensed US retailer. Make your purchase while the exchange rate is favorable. This purchase is an absolute no-brainer!


Product Note Status Price
Dicodes Dani 25 reduction cone Dicodes Dani 25 reduction cone
Efest 20700 3100mAh Battery Efest 20700 3100mAh Battery
Pair of ShockLi 21700 3800mAh batteries in case Pair of ShockLi 21700 3800mAh batteries in case
Pair of ShockLi 21700 4000mAh batteries in case Pair of ShockLi 21700 4000mAh batteries in case
Pair of ShockLi 21700 4550mAh batteries in case Pair of ShockLi 21700 4550mAh batteries in case
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