Dicodes BF60 board

Dicodes BF60 board

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Dicodes BF60  Board

Small form factor PCB for use of single 18650 or 26650 cells. The board has a max of 60W power output including 5 modes of operation, Power(W), Temp-control, Heater-Protection, Boost, and Bypass. Please contact us for more detailed specifications.


  • Output power 5 - 60W
  • Stable and reliable temperature control
  • Resistance range 0.05Ω - 5Ω


IMPORTANT: To benefit from the temperature limit settings a coil made from suitable temperature controllable resistance wire is required. Standard Nichrome or Kanthal A1 will not allow temperature control.
Dicodes boards are extensively tested post production. Due to the nature of the product, and the fact that user intervention is required to install the board which may cause damage to the circuitry, there is no warranty supplied.


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