Dicodes CS1 Charging Station

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The only charger for the Dani/Taifun mods
from on 05/07/2020
Good charger for the Dani mods. This is the only way to charge your battery while still in the mod. It is a simple charger without any fancy modes. The inlays make it easy to insert the mod. Is it worth the money? If you got the change to buy a Dani/Taifun mod then I don't think the money is an issue. I have two of these chargers, one at work and one at home. Keeps my mods topped up and ready to go. I still cycle the batteries out of the mod every couple of months and charge them on a charge that has a pulse charge mode to keep the batteries like new. Would I buy it again? Yes.

CVD is my go to vendor for all things Dicodes. Great customer service and super fast shipping. My last order was dispatched on a Monday and arrived on Wednesday and I am in the US.
Would've been nice
from on 03/07/2020
I purchased this to go along with my #83 stabwood Dani mod. I've been using the mod for months and it's been easily the greatest vaping experience I've had. I just received this charger in the mail today and unfortunately upon putting my vape on it, the light shut off on my vape and now it won't turn back on. I've changed batteries and tried even changing the atty which shouldn't do anything, but now this won't turn back on. $600 down the drain...
Nice addition
from on 12/12/2019
I love not having to swap batteries and the charging stand is solid, heavy and looks good. The cord provided for 2 AMP charging is a bit short, but that is a small issue. I use this on my bedside table, so I’m not thrilled that the display backlight stays on all the time.

If the charger is plugged in to power the backlight is on, and the backlight gets brighter for a short time when you set a device on to charge. I wish it had a feature to turn off the light during charging or when not in use. A piece of black tape solved that issue, but does detract from the look a bit.

I’d still buy it again without hesitation.
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Taifun CS1 Dicodes charger insert Taifun CS1 Dicodes charger insert
Dicodes Dani SBS Dock insert Dicodes Dani SBS Dock insert
Dicodes Dani Box 21700 charger insert Dicodes Dani Box 21700 charger insert
Dani Box Stab Wood V3 Dock insert Dani Box Stab Wood V3 Dock insert
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