Dicodes Dani Box 21700 - Titan

Dicodes Dani Box 21700 - Titan

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Outstanding vape device
from on 11/02/2019
The Dani 21700 is a mind-blowing quality device under every aspect.
Only fractionally bigger than the Dani box mini, it makes full use of the improved characteristics of a 21700 battery. Compared to the 18650 version, this device will either run 30% longer runtime at MTL power levels, or truly drive 80 W, with no hiccups whatsoever, through a DTL mesh atomiser - if fitted with a 30T battery.
The circuit operating at a very high frequency provides a smoothness of Vapour that is unique to Dicodes. At the same time, the stability and the precision of the temperature remain unchallenged, even from the other top market contenders.

The fit and finish also have no comparison to other mods. All my Dicodes are carried at the same of all other devices I own, and they are the only ones showing no scratch or dents after months of riding my pockets together with keys, coins and other metallic objects.

The Dani box has no charging port. This may be a "con", but I understand the line of thought of the designers, as in a device meant to last a lifetime and beyond, the Micro-USB port is inadequate and not in line with the general quality of the device. So I bought their charger, but others may not see it as appropriate because of the additional expense.

Again, if you divide the cost of the Dani box and charger over its life, the cost per year of the setup remain much smaller than most of the completion.

It feels to me that the Dani may well remain operational for well over ten years, given its generous design parameters and components quality. I want to stress - this is my personal opinion, not the result of a measurement or of a calculation.

The Dani 21700 has a new added capability. Dicodes added the possibility to measure the internal resistance of the battery in real time and under load.
In this way, it is possible to identify unappropriate / non-genuine batteries, monitor battery aging, troubleshoot vaping problems, and improve operational safety.

The menu is very rational and engineering-oriented. It requires some learning time, as it is structured in a totally different manner of all other vape devices.

As last note, I want to mention the fact that the Dicodes Dani box, when off, it draws - zero - current from the battery. While it may seems trivial, I say it because I had some batteries killed by some Chinese devices in the same quality and price league of the Dani box, after leaving them in the devices - in "off" state - after only two months.

I want to thank Keith from Creme de Vape for his friendly assistance and cooperation all over the acquisition process, and for stocking such devices.
Tiny Perfection
from on 02/02/2019
Being already a Dicodes user the new 21700 dani has joined the Dicodes V3 extreme and Dani25.
The Three button interface, makes this even easier to use than the single button tube mods.
The menu layout and progression is exactly the same but you can go forwards Or backwards in the menus a lot easier.
Display is Very Clear, nicely enlarged over the tube mod ones and the Dani Mini, it shows what you need to see on each screen in the menu’s And when in normal use.
Being able to lock the up/down buttons so simply is Very well done and a lot easier than some other mods/brands as is the Very clear “KeyLock” message on the screen And the mod still fires unless you turn the mod off. Which is so easy to do And fire back up there isn’t any reason not to.

Now the Size
Yes it is a 21700 battery mod, but it is Tiny, I have a “lost vape E-petite” single 18650 that feels Bigger in the hand than the 21700, it is a Tiny bit taller (8mm ) feels Smaller and better fitting in the hand.
A Hellfire Cobra, 18650 squonk mod , is maybe 6-9mm Shorter than this and near as the Same size in the hand and they are Tiny.

If it says it does it on the specifications it Does it, no if/but or fudging the question , Dicodes mods DO exactly what they claim they do.
Consistency of the device isn’t ever an issue, it Does what you tell it to.
You Can customise the output to get Your perfect vape, and it is Very simple to do with the Dicodes menus.
Button responses Seem slightly faster than the V3/dani25, and it is Still the superbly smooth Dicodes vape.
Fit/finish of the mod, it’s a Dicodes, Flawless as is the vape from it

Samsung 40T cells fit
Vapecell INR21700/4000mah
20700s fit
Even the BASENBS217A /4000mah cells fit and they are Oversized on diameter And length.

There is only 1 question do you buy this or the Dani Mini which is even Smaller
Crème de Vape customer care is Still one of The best you can ever find in vape circles, combine that with Dicodes support And outstanding products AND warranty And support, means there really isn’t any reason to buy other brands or from other retailers.


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Dicodes Dani Box 21700 charger insert Dicodes Dani Box 21700 charger insert
Samsung 30T 21700 battery Samsung 30T 21700 battery
Samsung 40T 21700 battery Samsung 40T 21700 battery
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