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Number of ratings: 11
Average rating: 5
Very Impressed! US customer
from Mark Lansing on 07/11/2019
First, the Dani Box is absolutely impeccable, as I expected. Very difficult item to find in stock at the US distributor and I was very pleased to find out that without VAT and with the exchange rate, the price, even with shipping was lower than in the US. I am on the west coast of the US, and to my surprise, the package was delivered in less time than if I had ordered something from the east coast of the US. Amazing. And to top if off, the packaging was consummate "Brit" -- very classy. I will not hesitate to order again from Creme de Vape -- especially as vaping is coming under unwarranted attack in the US, sadly driving many merchants out of business.

best mod ever
from yossi malka on 20/10/2019
One of the best mods I've ever had
highly recommend
My first Dicodes from CdV
from Jostein Andersen on 30/08/2019
This is my first Dicodes MOD ordered from CdV.
I am very satisfied with this MOD. Have ordred two more Dicodes from CdV, a Dani V3 L, and a Dani V3 S, both 22mm.

A returning customer have to be satisfied, I have made 6 orders last 7 months, and will order more Dicodes from CdV.

This Dani Mini powers a KFL [2019] 22mm with Resistherm NiFe30
from Vladimir Krstic on 23/05/2019
Electronics, design, quality, size, grip. You can't find better than this!
from Anonymous on 18/03/2019
Extremely well built. Smaller than I expected, perfect size for me with small hands. Works wonderfully, settings are very easy. It knows exactly what voltage and watt to run your coil at based on the oHm of your coil, couldn’t be easier. Perfectly paired with the Kayfun prime. I will definitely be buying more from Dicodes.
from Anonymous on 14/12/2018
Very well made quality mod ,easy to us with the excellent Dicodes chip,
from Kat Darling on 28/11/2018
Starting where David Longo left off, I'll add another "WOW!". I can't echo that loudly enuf!!

So, what is it about the Dani Box Mini? For starters, it is EXTREMELY beautiful. Stunning actually. I've never seen a finish where the color pops as this one does. It has a radiance all its own, without being overly shiny (far from matte) or showy. I'd give props to the magnificent design, perfect hand-feel, balance of size and weight, and the superb, high tech engineering, and quality of materials, too.

Above all else tho, it's got to be the amazing Dicodes chip! The power delivery system DELIVERS with a smoothness that is unmatched.

Thank you very much, Creme de Vape. What a marvelous device and a grand way to celebrate the eighth year of my vape adventure. I could not be more thrilled! (other than possibly having another Dani Box Mini!!)

Happy Christmas!!!
from DAVID LONGO on 27/11/2018
This is my second Dicodes device, the first being a tube (Dani Extreme V2+). Both are extraordinary, but this Mini Box exceeds all expectations, even though they were high to begin with. That plus the obvious over-the-top-marvelous service from Creme de Vape makes this one of my most prized purchases in seven years of vaping, and that includes some pret-ty nice mods.

Did I mention, "WOW!"
quality at it best the red is just amazing
from Anonymous on 29/09/2018
Dicodes Dani Box Mini best mod i ever owned the feel and look is just outstanding
Excellent, well built
from Anonymous on 05/07/2018
All I can say is this mod is amazing, one of the best ive ever used, I also have the V3 and No6, feels solid in the hand, Quality mod, absoloutly love it
Expensive? No chance, this beauty is a bargain!
from jake dawson on 04/06/2018
I really don't think you can improve on this mod, Dicodes have perfected the single 18650 device, it's as simple as that. Build quality and performance is second to none. Backed by a 2 year warranty this beautiful little 80 watt beast is a real bargain.
Having clocked up over 20 hours run time in one month I feel ready to write my review. The board is now 80 watts with improved battery monitoring over the original Dani box and as you would expect it performs flawlessly in power and temp control modes.
The mod has a lot of features but the menu is quick & easy to use with the 3 buttons, combined with the screen which is bright and clear, easy to read even in bright sunlight.
At first sight you're blown away by just how small they have made it, no amount of photos can prepare you for what an amazing job Dicodes have done and oh my, what a stunningly beautiful little mod it is.
The moment you pick it up you can feel the quality, the body is a beautifully anodised aluminium. The brushed stainless steel top & bottom sections are beautifully finished, durable and match the majority of atties perfectly. The battery cap has no need for a coin due to an improved design and is so quick to switch batteries with its buttery smooth threads. The finishing touch is the lovely clicky stainless steel buttons setting it all off nicely.
I genuinely cannot fault this mod at all, Dicodes have created a masterpiece and I can't see anyone coming close to it.