Dicodes Dani Box Mini - Red

Dicodes Dani Box Mini - Red

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One of the best evergreen high end device in the market.
from on 05/11/2020
You'll never go wrong with dicodes chip. I just use the regular wattage mode but the performance is second to none. Just excellent! It looks high end in the photos, but more high end in person, the built quality is superb also. But one thing i can't deny is the fact that all stainless steel parts are prone into scratches. Other than that. Great product, great value for your money.
from on 29/08/2020
Next stop the 21700.
I know the specs are there for all to see however this is way smaller than I imagined.
The build quality is different class.
Menu will take some getting used to.
Threading on the battery cap is great. Won't review all the ins an outs it's a dicodes you get what you pay for is there a better chip on the market.... Doubtful
Best mod I ever bought zero regrets
An investment that pays off
from on 04/07/2020
I've dabbled in lower end mods. They end up with problems, parts falling off, inconsistent readings, various malfunctions. If I added up all the failed mods, I could have purchase two Dicodes mods.

To me, it was a sticker shock that kept me from purchasing a Dicodes. I think that was a mistake. Better to get something that will last. Saves money in the end.

Besides, the Dani Box Mini has a great feel to it. It is rounded on both sides which is very comfortable and natural. I like turning it in my palm. It is very solidly built. It compliments many atomizers.

The small size is great for traveling. But also it just feels right in my hand.

The menu is frustrating at first, but to me didn't take very long getting used to or adjusting. I wish it could set the resistance automatically like a DNA mod instead of having to calibrate it each time you put on a new atomizer, but it doesn't take long to do.

Temp control is perfect once properly configured. I had to tweak the settings to get the perfect reading on my SS coil, but now I don't have to mess with it anymore. The included NiFe30 sample wire is perfect for getting your ideal temp locked in.

I just purchased a second Dani Box Mini for A/B comparisons testing DIY eliquids. I also purchased the Dicodes charger so I don't have to take out the batteries. I like the kind of info you get on your batteries from the Dicodes charger.

Another added purchase, a leather sleeve for the Dani Box Mini. Great to protect your mod while you travel, and it gives the mod a steampunk look.

Overall I am happy. I hear from other Dicodes users that I have many years of great use ahead of me.
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