Dicodes No. 6

Dicodes No. 6

Product no.: DICODES-18

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High Quality
from on 18/10/2019
German pedigree over engineered and of corse electronics function flawlessly and more efficient which makes battery seem to last forever (like that it uses 26650). Fit and finish have to be seen in person to be truly appreciated. A little pricey but a better value in terms of life span and use per $. If you buy nice things in general that are worth it you may make a face at the register but you will probably smile every time you use it there after. Only thing that could be a negative for some, but for most its not a deal breaker, is 24mm max tank without it overhanging past the edge. Also feel it like it is made (contoured) for right handed use but not difficult to use in the left.
Great hardware
from on 22/09/2019
Great site provide u with all you need and a awesome product which will stay with u forever
Used every day for over 3 years
from on 29/08/2019
Hi all, I've been meaning to do a review on this for a while now because it really is worth every penny. It has never failed me in around 1000 days of constant use. All the buttons are as 'clicky' as the day I opened the packaging!
Before I bought this I was spending around the £100 Mark for multiple mods and all were wearing out really quick but not this, this really is one of the most finely engineered products I've ever owned.
If I was going to really dig deep and moan about something it'd be the surface of the device, it's a bit slippery but this was easily remedied with a wrap.
So in conclusion, if you're sitting hovering over the buy it now button thinking this is really damn expensive just think how long it'll last you and just click the button!
Ps I'm left handed and never found it a problem
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Efest 26650 Flat Top Battery Efest 26650 Flat Top Battery
Dicodes CS1 Charging Station Dicodes CS1 Charging Station
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