Dicodes No. 6

Dicodes No. 6

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Stunning !
from on 18/04/2019
First I have to say a big thanks to Keith, who patiently and knowledgably answered all my questions before purchasing the Dicodes No. 6. Excellent customer care.

The mod itself? Well, it looks great in the pictures - well-built, stylish, and ergonomic. It's only when you unbox your Dicodes that you really appreciate just how very beautifully engineered this mod is. Faultless ! In your hand, it feels so comfortable and assuring; I finger fire with my right hand normally, but if "mousing" or writing, I use my left hand, finger fire again, and the profile works great there too.

The scratch-resistant finish feels silky, and is far less "sticky" than other mods I've owned. It doesn't feel "cold" when you first grab it, unlike, say, my Vapoflask Classic. It's not too heavy. Just right, I'd say.

The display is very nice. Loads of options from the famous Dicodes board... I just use mine in power mode, 24 W, with a Kayfun Mini V3 tank, but there is something there for everyone.

I charge my batteries separately, so the absence of USB charging is not an issue for me. I have two batteries in cycle - one charging / charged... the other in the mod. If you want to avoid scratching the battery cap with a coin or screwdriver, when swapping batteries, a slender piece of wood - or a heavy plectrum - might be a useful tool to have in your box of tricks.

Most importantly, how does it vape? My feeling is that Dicodes No 6 is smooth, authoritative, and delivers significantly improved flavour and performance over a cheaper mod with the same tank.

The glory of hindsight makes me just wish I'd bought this mod in the first place, rather than half a dozen £30-50 mods. That would actually have been cheaper. So if you are in a position to jump in at the quality end of the market, my advice would be, "don't hesitate".

Have I raved enough about this fabulous device? Probably. Time for a vape !
Simply the best
from on 08/01/2017
6 months in using the mod and having had 129,443 puffs, it has performed flawlessly throughout.
Paired with a Squape X(Dream) the vape experience is far superior than cheaper mods using the same tank. Dicodes No.6 produces a far smoother, deeper most satisfying vape.
Read the bumpf about how it best suits right handers and use their index finger to press the button with? Worry not, I'm a thumb button presser and the Mod sits perfectly in either left or right hand.
Overall, this is an incredibly reliable and top quality device.
Fantastic vape
from on 08/11/2016
This is a great mod. The build quality is second to none which I really like. It is on a heavy side, but that is a reasonable trade off. Most importantly, the NiFe30 in Keyfun 5 finally brings a satisfying vape to me again. I could not be happier. The consistency is unmatched to anything I have used previously. The long warranty sweetens the deal.
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