Dani Extreme V3

Dani Extreme V3

Product no.: DICODES-19


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from on 26/01/2019
Great vaping experience - would recommend
from on 25/08/2018
I had to order the Dani Extreme V3 all the way from Australia as the only retailer here didn't have it in stock.
The service, ordering process and speed of delivery was fantastic, I received the Dani 10 days after odering on-line.
The quality and operation of this device is superb, videos and pictures don't do it justice, I'll be ordering another one.
Don't hesitate if you're looking for a new device, you won't be disappointed.
Impressed, yes, excellent device
from on 16/02/2018
Customer service , pre-sales from CdV is excellent , Keith takes the time and effort to answer Properly the questions asked, even the esoteric ones I can come up with.
The Dani V3, Believe the comments from people, they Are made very well both the machining and the finish IS at the top level for machining + finishes.
Much has been said about single button and the menu system, really it isn’t difficult to navigate, operate or live with. It is a very logical and simple system, click to scroll to , pause to select , click to change, once you have it setup how You wish “press to vape”. You can change the speed for the clicks to suit you.
Temp limiting can be summed up with a single word, Flawless. That is with Ni200 And “resitherm Nife30” for testing and vaping with. Once you have your coil mounted, atomiser and mod at room temps a simple “calibrate init” and that is it, dial your wattage, dial your temp limit and, just vape.
No fuss, no drama and no unexpected random toots.
Variable Wattage mode , is Smooth and very accurate.

The 510 is imho the perfect weight for a sprung contact firm but not overly so. Beryllium copper so there are zero conductivity issues.
Battery life, using Ni200 , is “ a bit” better than on DNA board, using “resistherm” there is a Noticeable improvement in run time. Speaking of batteries, If you have a “thick” or “double wrapped” cell it may not fit these are made to take 18xxx cells , not “almost” or double wrapped ones. That is the Single “negative” I can find and I am very fussy.

Impressed, yes, glad I bought it, heck yes,, wish I had bought one sooner Oh heck yes.
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Dicodes Dani V2/V3 Extension Cap Dicodes Dani V2/V3 Extension Cap
from £16.95
ShockLi IMR18350 700mAh Battery ShockLi IMR18350 700mAh Battery
Pair of Vapcell 18350 1100mAh batteries in case Pair of Vapcell 18350 1100mAh batteries in case
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