Dani Extreme V3 - L - 22mm

Dani Extreme V3 - L - 22mm

Product no.: DICODES-21

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Less is more
from on 11/02/2020
No flashy colours or gimics, the minimalistic design of this mod looks stylish and sleek.
Build quality is superb and it feels great in the hand. The display is small but very clear and the menu system (once you've got used to it) is actually very logical.
Temp mode works perfectly. I'm using the NiFe30 wire and it's spot on. 316L stainless is also very accurate.
I cannot fault this product at all. Perfect.
Great tubemod
from on 07/01/2020
Great format, good quality built. Buttersmooth threads on the batterypart. Good weight, feels "high end" in my opinion.

A must have for us TC vapers who needs a good chip and imagine having all that in this format is just flawless!

Without a doubt one of my daily carries.
Fast shipping, responsive customer service
from on 12/11/2019
Very satisfied. I had the large version two years ago but for some reason i sold it. Now i bought one again (small 18350 version) and loving it.
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