Ekowool silica wick 5m

Ekowool silica wick 5m

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Ekowool silica wick - 5m


Approximately 5 metre length of ekowool braided silica wick for rebuildable atomisers.

Fast becoming the most desired type of wick for many rebuildable atomiser users, Ekowool is a braided silica cord designed for use in a high temperature environment. Cords are non-toxic and not inflammable.

Genuine Ekowool, purchased directly from the Russian manufacturer.

Available in three widths.

New Ekowool™ Silica materials have low thermal conductivity, high resistance to thermal shock, have superb electric insulation properties at high temperatures; can be used for a long period of time without changing their properties at the temperatures 1800 F (1000 C) and for a short period of time at higher temperatures (do not melt, do not evaporate at the temperatures up to 3000 F / 1700 C). Items made of silica glass are extremely inert to the majority of chemical reagents, resistant to organic and mineral acids of any concentration even at the elevated temperatures (except for hydrofluoric, phosphoric and hydrochloric acid) and weak alkalis of molten metals (except for Mg, Na, Si) and alloys. They have high chemical resistance to water and high-pressure steam; are capable to absorb moisture but do not rip, stable in vacuum. These superb high temperatures thermal insulation and thermal protection materials make the wick ideal for use in vaping applications.



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