Fiber Freaks - Original Pads Density 1

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Best there is
from on 27/12/2021
Always quick , lovingly packaged .
Tried Muji , second best, Cotton Bacon ,Cotton Candy, Fuzion, but this cotton , thinned and rolled scottish roll method produces 16 excellent wicks per packet for me. I now use nothing else , great wicking, good longevity , and for me great flavour production Give it a try.
Absolutely the best
from on 15/01/2021
this is the only site where I can still find this type of cotton, I have always liked it and I find it perfect, until you run out of stocks I will continue to buy this cotton from you. The Density Pads for MTL are truly ideal, the cotton works very well And it rolls up like a wonder. I love you so much.
The experience after using it is great!
from on 10/11/2020
I bought this cotton with an early adopter mentality. After opening it, I was a little surprised because the structure of the cotton is different from what I often use. The experience after using it is very good!
The performance of the taste of juice can clearly express the layering of various flavors. There are many cottons that are often used at hand, but it can be said that the first time I tried this cotton, I loved its ability very much, and the speed of oil transfer was very good. , The taste analysis of the heating wire through the atomization of cotton is very clean and you can experience the layered performance of a variety of mixed juice!
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