Evolv DNA200

Evolv DNA200

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Evolv DNA200 Modder's Board


The DNA 200 is a power regulated digital switch-mode DC-DC converter for personal vaporisers. It features Evolv’s patented wattage control, temperature protection, preheat, digital user controls, OLED screen, onboard buttons and synchronous rectification for maximum battery life and minimal heat generation. The DNA 200 runs from a 3 cell lithium polymer battery, and features cell-by-cell battery monitoring and integrated balance charger. Evolv’s EScribe software can be used to customise or monitor the user experience (via the USB port).

The DNA200 directly measures and limits the temperature of the heating coil during operation. Prevention of excess heat at the coil not only avoids charring of the wick material but also reduces the breakdown of flavouring and base liquid components thus improving the user experience of the device this board is installed.

To benefit from the temperature limit settings a coil made from Nickel 200 wire is required. Standard Nichrome or Kanthal A1 will not allow temperature control.

The DNA200 still has many of the same features of the original DNA40 board, but now LiPo battery power is required so please refer to the user guide for detailed info on battery connections and mounting dimensions. This board will not fit into your existing DNA40 devices.

New features:
The DNA 200 has a built in 1A USB charger. It automatically detects the type of USB power supply it is connected to, so it can be plugged into standard PC USB ports or higher power chargers. The max charge current is based on the cell capacity as programmed in Escribe.

Cell-by-cell monitoring
The DNA 200 runs from a three cell battery. Because lithium polymer cells can be damaged by excessive discharge, with multi-cell series batteries it is important to measure each cell in the battery independently and stop firing the atomizer when any of the cells reaches the cutoff voltage. The DNA 200 uses the battery pack taps to monitor each cell.

Cell Balancer
During charging, is vital that none of the batteries charge beyond 4.2 volts per cell. If one of the cells in the battery has more charge than the others, its voltage will be higher. During charging, the DNA 200 will turn on a “balancer” to charge that cell slower than the others.
By monitoring and charging each cell individually, the safety of a multi-cell pack is equivalent to using a single cell. Many products, from power tools to laptops to electric vehicles, use multi-cell packs. All of them use cell by cell monitoring and balancing to operate safely.

Escribe is a software package used to configure and modify the operation of your DNA 200. It installs on a Windows PC and connects to your DNA 200 using the USB port. When you connect your DNA 200 to the PC, press the “Connect and Download Settings” button to download the settings presently on your device to Escribe. After you make changes, press the “Upload Settings to Device” to save the new settings to the device.

Please refer to the Evolv Resources page for the download of the User manual/tech specs for this board.


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