Kabuki Polycarbonate Tank

Kabuki Polycarbonate Tank

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House of Hybrids Kabuki Polycarbonate Tank

Polycarbonate tank section for the House of Hybrids Kabuki Tank.

The description below is copied from House of Hybrids' own site:


So from the start, let us get something perfectly clear... Zen~ hates polycarbonate tanks. He positively despises them. And for good reason. Many juices can cause them to crack and the material is a bit of a bear to work with in an automated environment.

The material shows up, at our shop door, pre-scratched. It's plastic. It scratches. The suppliers of the material do the best they can to prevent it, but it is unavoidable. Everything in the universe is harder than the surface of this particular polycarbonate. Dust scratches it. Tissue paper scratches it. The universe hates it as much as Zen~ does. Did we mention it scratches easily?

SO... in spite of the fact that it easily scratches, it is EXTREMELY tough if you drop it. It bounces instead of shatters. Thicker versions of this stuff... actually bullet-proof. It's insane... it can stop a speeding bullet like the chest of Superman... yet... ANYTHING can scratch it. Boggles the mind. ANYWAY... Zen~ hates it because he thinks YOU... the consumer should deserve something that looks better, you know, like fused quartz, or stainless steel, for example. But stainless steel isn't invisible, and Fused quartz breaks when you drop it.

And people seem to want Polycarbonate tanks. Zen~ has refused to make them in the past, but he's getting older, and more tolerant with age. We talked him into doing a test run, which he has done... reluctantly... kicking and screaming... cursing the entire time... he may have even invented a new profane word... Is "nuttafingah" a word? We don't know... but he said it when explaining how to handle these things without adding even more scratches. SO... Zen~ has insisted on the following disclaimer, to be posted here, without alteration, his words... not ours...

"These Poly Tanks scratch easily. I didn't want to make them, they made me do it, but I positively guarantee that every last one of these is scratched, and I'm not apologizing because I didn't want to make them in the first place."

The funny thing is... They look OK to us. Nothing is perfect, right? Obviously, they cannot be returned for finish defects, as they start out life pre-scratched for Zen's amusement.


You must already have a Kabuki tank to use this item.
A few e-liquid ingredients are known to react with acrylic and plastic tanks and tubes, please see Polycarbonate Issues for more information.

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