Crème de Vape NEAT72 1.1L Bulk pack

Crème de Vape NEAT72 1.1L Bulk pack

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Crème de Vape NEAT72TM Mixing Liquid 1.1L Bulk pack


1.1 litres of NEAT72TM in 5 x amber glass bottles with child resistant tamper evident caps, packaged in sealed Mylar/foil pouches with oxygen scavengers.


The main enemies of long-term e-liquid storage are light and oxygen, which degrade the product when stored for extended periods, leading to decreased nicotine strength and changes to the taste and colour. Storage in the freezer helps minimise exposure to light and oxygen and the low temperature decreases the rate of mollecular activity in the liquid. We've created this NEAT72TM pack for those of you who like to stock up and store their mixing liquid for extended periods of time, particularly in a domestic freezer. Splitting the liquid up into 5 bottles means you only need to "defrost" and expose a single bottle to the air and keep the rest of your supplies untouched and safely stored away. 


Each 200ml bottle is very carefully brim-filled to ensure there is minimal air/oxygen left in the top so there's actually 220ml in each bottle, and a total of 1.1 litres in the pack.

Each individual bottle is packaged into an opaque Mylar/foil pouch which helps prevent light, oxygen and moisture degrading the liquid by blocking out the light and reducing the amount of moisture and oxygen that can enter the bag over time.

We've placed an oxygen scavenger into each pouch which keeps the level of oxygen in the pouch below 0.1% during the period it remains stored unsealed.

To further prevent oxygen degradation, we've heat-sealed each pouch.

The e-liquid will get more viscous and almost gel-like when frozen in a domestic freezer but it will not expand or break the bottle, but remember, the bottles are glass, and all caution must be taken, particularly if they are stored in a freezer near food.


  • Store upright if possible.
  • If storing in a freezer, store at the bottom, and as far away from food as possible.
  • Check the pouches regularly for damage and leaks.
  • Store at room temperature for at least 24 hours before use.
  • Carefully cut the pouch open above the "zip" seal using the notches as guide.
  • Shake vigorously immediately before use.
  • Open carefully (the bottles are brim-filled).
  • After use, ensure bottle and cap thread are clean and dry, and close tightly.
  • Place back in pouch with oxygen scavenger, and remove as much air as possible before resealing the pouch.
  • Store in a cool/dark place until next use.
  • We don't recommend placing a partially used bottle back in the freezer.


NEAT72TM Mixing Liquid contains nicotine at 72mg per ml or 7.2% and it must be diluted to lower the nicotine strength before use. Bottles of pure PG and VG are available separately for this purpose. With the addition of one or more flavours from our huge range of flavour concentrates you can concoct your perfect custom recipe to suit your own unique tastes. 

Crème de Vape NEAT72TM Mixing Liquid is entirely sourced and manufactured within the UK using the highest quality pharmaceutical USP/EP grade nicotine and is available in your choice of pure PG or pure VG based formulations.

Product and packaging has been tested and verified as suitable for upright storage in a domestic freezer at -20 degrees Celsius. 

Product may only be shipped within the UK.


We urge you to read the safety information and take the proper precautions when mixing your own e-liquids.



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