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Creme de Vape Kayfil Tool
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Average rating: 5
Highly Recommended
from Anonymous on 15/01/2015
Totally worth the money. High quality, no more leaks, re-wicking very easy and no mess. No loss of juice if you decide to change the wick mid fill. If you have a kayfun type product its a must have .
Simple, effective, well engineered & finished
from Anonymous on 27/11/2014
Works as intended - totally worth the cost. A simple product, well engineered & finished to a high standard. Very effective, re-coiling, re-wick & re-fill now take minutes, & no leaks.
from Anonymous on 22/10/2014
So simple and effective.
A brilliant, and in my opinion, essential little tool for us KFL users - makes coil/wick maintenance & filling a pleasure, with no mess and no hunting around on the floor for the escaped bottom fill screw!!
Don't know if it was intended, but the included rubber keyring loop is also perfect for gripping a tight base section to loosen it.
Engineered to Svoemesto standards.
Counting postage it's not cheap for what it is - but it's an absolute bargain for what it does!
Yet again, Cloud9 do the business!
Highly Recommended!
from Anonymous on 15/10/2014
This item couldn't have come along at a better time. I'm relatively new to using a Kayfun Lite Plus and on the odd occasion I need to check the coil or wick, this makes it so easy. No need to try and empty the tank to save your Juice...just insert this tool and screw off the base. Works every time. A quick wipe at the end and you're done. Really saves the day and compliments the entire experience of using the Kayfun. It was supplied with a handy rubber keyring as well, which was very much appreciated. Buy it...you won't regret your purchase.
Great little tool
from Anonymous on 08/10/2014
Used this tool this afternoon for the first time, and i cant beleave how easy it is to use, changing coil when
tank is full and filling tank is so easy now, great little tool Thanks c9v
surprisingly good
from Anonymous on 02/10/2014
I had mused over the price of what looked like a fairly simple steel shaft before purchasing but I'm so glad I didn't err on the side of my pocket. The messing about it removes from the task of filling, rebuilding or maintaining the coil makes it worth its weight in gold.
If u own a Kayfun lite plus, u NEED this!
from Anonymous on 02/10/2014
Super fast delivery, cheap price and a superb little gadget. Recoiling and rewicking a Kayfun with juice still in the tank is now so easy. Completely idiot proof!
What are u waiting for? Buy one NOW! U won't be sorry.
Simply Excellent
from Anonymous on 01/10/2014
Makes the experience of rebuilding coils and rewicking soooo easy and an absolute pleasure, such a simple tool and it completely changes everything about the hassle of losing your fav liquid in order to replace coil or wick. Every vaper I've met since receiving this that owns the new Kayfun lite plus has said they're getting one within seconds of seeing it. Cant recommend this enough...many thanks Cloud 9, top job.
Really good and simple
from Anonymous on 28/09/2014
I have been mixing and refilling with 2ml samples, this makes it really easy to refill without losing juice through the vent and the top cap. The push fit into the chimney is very tight the plus side of which is that you can unscrew the bottom of the Kayfun by twisting the Kayfil. You will need to hold different parts of the Kayfun to stop them turning when opening and closing and keep everything upright and concentric to make sure there is minimal leak. It gets my vote after using about 15 times since arrival yesterday - I will be using it regularly.