Leather Sleeve for Taifun box - Black

Leather Sleeve for Taifun box - Black

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Second as perfect as first
from on 08/01/2020
So, after purchasing a second Taifun Box Mod I obviously needed a second sleeve (they are that good, as per my first review). This time I ordered Black which is luxurious and a true deep black which compliments the mod and my initial grey sleeve perfectly. These are less an optional extra and should be considered required equipment.
Stylish Protection
from on 07/01/2020
So, just after ordering my first Taifun Box Mod these leather sleeves were listed.
Although I feel the look and design of the Taifun is stunning in itself, some extra protection (when also stylish) couldn't be a bad thing right.
With plenty of gushing reviews online, coupled with images on this site and elsewhere of the producers work, it was truly a no brainer to order.

As usual, the product arrived in double quick time and was beautifully packaged. The sleeve itself is presented in a small, printed hessian sack.
The sleeve I initially ordered was the Grey. The look of the sleeve is pure class. The grey (as a shade) changes in appearance depending upon the light but is always sumptuous and classy in looks. I would say a "battleship grey" which changes hue depending upon environment.

Fit and finish is sublime. The mod slides effortlessly inside its protective leather jacket and looks stunning.
For those wondering about removal of mod it's quite effortless. Grab your arty and pull while wiggling just a smidge. It's a magical balancing act with enough grip to keep the sleeve from slipping in use but not hindering it's removal when needed. Of course a hole on the base is also present.

In the hand the sleeve feels luxurious, almost padded (yet it is not and only makes the mod slightly bigger). All cutouts (screen, adjustment, fire) are precise and easy to use. You may need to slightly modify your "firing finger angle/position" but nothing to cause concern, due to the leather sleeve providing a slight distance to the buttons this is inevitable but hardly a concern.

All in all, when purchasing an expensive mod like Dicodes or Taifun I would say a sleeve is a must. If you only use it when out and about it's still worth it for the added protection which comes with no penalty to style or looks,


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