Customer ratings for Svoemesto Kayfun [Lite] MTL RTA - 22mm

Svoemesto Kayfun [Lite] MTL RTA - 22mm
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Number of ratings: 16
Average rating: 4.4
Not happy
from Guy Partridge on 12/12/2020
I wasn't happy with this. It gets very hot. It is a pain to refill as you have to take it off the mod. This is made worse if it is too tight and then almost impossible to unscrew without removing the tank. Now I can no longer use it as the plastic screw at the bottom (no idea why plastic) will not unscrew. No idea what I can do with it now. Waste of money. Shame as other their other products are good.
from Justin Haddon on 25/10/2020
Typical Kayfun, amazing quality, vapes as it should, restricted DL for me.
Perfect MTL
from Stuart Kay on 28/05/2020
Love this tank, wicks perfectly, airflow is perfect for MTL, just brilliant
Nothing to complaint !
from chow thian tuck on 29/02/2020
This Svoemesto Kayfun [Lite] MTL RTA, really bring me to another level, very very good in favouring, i enjoy it very much, easy to use , nothing to complaint !
Happy hubby
from Jo Humphrey on 07/01/2020
I'm a smoker not a vaper but hubby over the moon. He has 5 kayfuns now so I guess that's a positive
Tight threads
from Anonymous on 06/01/2020
Good service from Creme De Vape as usual. I really like the design of this product, particularly for away from home vaping (on a little iStick pico) and I don't really miss top fill, a fair compromise for lack of complexity. However, mine is very badly threaded and it is very hard to unscrew the tank without the atomizer coming apart at the window. I don't know if this is a common fault, but given it is an expensive atomiser, I was expecting silky smooth threading as on my Prime.
Flavour banger
from David Ferguson on 30/12/2019
It wicks so well the flavour was too much. I had to dilute my mixes.
This is now the only RTA I use. It's the real deal flavour banger.
Legendary RTA with a modern twist
from Mateusz Sobkowiak on 21/11/2019
I had high hopes for the KFL19 being a massive fan of the original KFL+. Sadly I was disappointed due to a turbulent and whistly airflow but don't let that discourage you, SvöeMesto as always listened to us and reinvented the centre pin with a completely different airflow (pin available as separate purchase, with 1.2mm airflow hole hitting the underside of the coil with full adjustability will suit any fussy MTL enthusiasts). The RTA with the new pin completely transforms the vape quality making it one of my all time favourites.
Brilliant tank recommend
from Josh Bishop on 02/11/2019
Very easy to build solid little tank great flavour bit of a pain to refill but the flavour makes up for it great tank all round very happy with it
Amazing MTL Vape!
from Thomas Sargeant on 13/10/2019
I have been a MTL lover for years, and I’d always heard of Kayfun’s as being the pinnacle of MTL vaping. I saw this was coming out and bought it on day one. And wow, what a tank! This is the perfect example of something simply and beautifully made, knocking the spots off of far more complex designs.

Airflow is controlled via a plug inside the 510, I wasn’t sure about this before I got my hands on it, as I quite often play around with airflow when I’m vaping. However, the hidden AFC control allows you to dial in “your” perfect vape. You can get a really restrictive MTL draw, and the flavour is just phenomenal. Although the deck isn’t big enough for large complex coils, it’s perfect for tiny little fused claptons, and this is where it really shines in my opinion.

Also, you’re not restricted to how the tank looks straight out the box. There are plenty of ways to personalise it, both from Svöemesto themselves, and from some well respected third parties. Clear top cap? Top Fill? Extension? These, and more, are all options.
Amazing mtl
from Jonathan Humphrey on 26/09/2019
This little gem is my favourite mtl tank, the machining is second to none very very smooth, there is a nice tight draw on this but would like it a little tighter, so have ordered the Xs centre pin also sold by Creme de vape, I usually build it with 28awg kanthal on a 2mm bit, 6-8 wraps at around 1.3 at 15 watts amazing flavour absolutely amazing, anybody wanting a quality mtl device don’t hesitate to purchase this you won’t be disappointed, amazing service from Creme de vape as always 5*****
Perfect MTL
from Zakk Lowen on 28/08/2019
I've purchased many Svomesto products and this little rta more than fills my expectations.
Perfectly engineered, fit and finish is excellent.
The flavour this Kayfun produces is top notch.
Very stable using temp control. I'm running a SS 26awg coil 2.5mm x 6 wraps @ 0.4ohms. Only need 18w for my kind of vape. Yummy.
Once again excellent service from Creme de Vape.
from Matthew Kennedy on 14/08/2019
I have used the Kayfun Prime since its release date and it’s been my favourite tank of them all. However, this tiny little masterpiece is slowly but surely taking top spot for me. So small, so elegant and the most beautifully designed tank I’ve ever seen.

Flavour is top notch and throat hit is excellent. The real beauty though lies in the simplicity. Don’t let bottom fill put you off. I find it easier and much more reliable than the multiple steps needed for top filling.

In relation to the original Lite, this one is so much smaller, even with the extension kits and easier to build. So many options to customise this with bell caps/dome caps etc all available at Creme de Vape are a great touch too.

If you want a really really tight draw, then go for the XS centrepin.

As always, a huge thank you must go to Keith and the entire team at Creme de Vape for the stellar service they always provide. Ordered this late on a Thursday night in February, it was posted on Fri 22nd and arrived in Northern Ireland on the Saturday. Nowhere else would you get that.
Response from Shop owner
from Shop Owner on 12/08/2019
Dear Anonymous,
Many thanks for your review. We were very sorry you had problems with leaking and we did try to work through this with you via email including advising you on your build and to ensure all the seals are properly in place. We didn't receive a response from you after our last reply on 8th July, and we'd be happy to continue to help you troubleshoot your problem if you'd like to get back in touch.
Certainly these problems are not typical of the Kayfun [Lite] at all, so it has to be something to do with the way your particular unit is set up. Perhaps it might be sensible to arrange a return so we can check all the seals and place a build in there to test?

We have a blog post about leaks which many people have found very useful: "https://www.cremedevape.com/Blog/How-to-fix-a-leaky-tank" but do please get back in touch if you're still experiencing these issues.
Not Impressed
from Anonymous on 22/07/2019
Well firstly, Creme de Vape have been great, cannot fault them for their help and assistance in trying to get this RTA working faultlessly, however I never managed it.

Have been using the original SV Kayfun for years, no issue, was hoping this revision was going to improve on this but I was very wrong.

The issue of leaking remains a big problem, sadly all fingers point at user error which I would disagree. Among suggestions I have tried are, more cotton, less cotton, coils the same width as the air flow block, nothing touching the screws or wire trailing, replacing all the o-rings and even tried it with steam tuners top fill and juice control. This rubbish leaks every single time, lakes of it. Spent ages re-building this over and over but had enough.

On top of this the vape is insanely warm, using the ice drip tip. Increasing the air flow or using just 4 wraps of wire makes no difference.

Expensive mistake buying this.
from Matthew Walters on 11/06/2019
What an utterly sublime RTA! I've been using Kayfuns since the original Lite, and this is by far their best product to date. Fantastic build-deck, ingenious and super-smooth airflow, and the best flavour I've ever had from any vaping device - drippers included! Beautifully constructed, too. My only recommendation for this tank would be to remove the o-ring from the base section prior to use: it serves no purpose and removing it makes attaching/detaching the base much easier. I can't recommend this one enough!