Kayfun Lite Plus by SvoeMesto

Kayfun Lite Plus by SvoeMesto

Product no.: SM-KF-LITE-PLUS2






SvoëMesto Kayfun Lite Plus Kit

The Kayfun Lite Plus is known the world over for its excellent performance and ease of use. The original SvoeMesto deck and chimney design has inspired hundreds of other RTAs. This 22mm stainless steel tank atomiser is perfectly suited for those new to building their own coils as well as the seasoned veteran.

Can be setup with either the clear window or full stainless tank both included in the kit. Filling the 4.5ml tank and adjusting the air flow is done via screws on the underside of the base, both hidden while the tank is attached to your device keeping the appearance of the Kayfun clean.

There is a huge range of accessories for the Kayfun Lite Plus from SvoeMesto and third-party manufacturers such as Bell Vape and Mod Factory.


  • Stainless steel construction throughout
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Standard 510 atomiser connection 
  • Can be configured with clear centre window or complete stainless steel
  • Juice capacity 4.5ml (Can be extended with separate parts)
  • Standard 510 drip tip connection 
  • Top cap design which captures the o-ring on the underside and provides slightly greater capacity

Dimensions (approx)
Width: 22mm
Length (not including 510 thread or tip): 51.8mm

Kit Contents

  • 510 style SvoeMesto Kayfun mouthpiece
  • Clear Makrolon (polycarbonate) centre section window
  • Essential spares kit including full set of orings, 2- fill hole screws w/orings, 2- coil screws, and 1- air adjustment grub screw


A few e-liquid ingredients are known to react with acrylic and plastic tanks and tubes, please see Polycarbonate Issues for more information.

Support, discussion and tips can all be found in the SvoeMesto section on our forum or our dedicated SvoeMesto Facebook group.


As with all rebuildables, a Kayfun series atomiser is an advanced user device and requires the willingness to experiment to get the best out of it for your own individual and unique vaping style. Please watch the videos in the SvoëMesto Resources section on this site, and also check out the dedicated SvoëMesto section on our forum. Please be sure you have done your research prior to purchase in order to understand what's required to build and use this device as it is not supplied with coil and wick installed. We strongly recommend you test any coils you produce with a multimeter before using to avoid risk of damaging your battery. Return requests for any reason other than a genuine manufacturing fault will not be accepted.

Please note that the sales price is subject to fluctuations in the Euro exchange rate and is dependent on the rate in force at the time we buy the units.



Product Note Status Price
Kayfun Lite Plus Spares Kit by SvoeMesto Kayfun Lite Plus Spares Kit by SvoeMesto
£2.50 *
Kayfun Lite Centre Window Kayfun Lite Centre Window
£5.95 *
Crème de Vape Kayfil Tool Crème de Vape Kayfil Tool
£5.95 *
Kayfun Lite Bell Cap by Bell Vape Kayfun Lite Bell Cap by Bell Vape
£9.97 *

+ P&P if applicable

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