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Kayfun Lite Plus by SvoeMesto
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Average rating: 4.9
Well worth it
So glad I finally went for this, plenty of reviews about the quality and i agree with them all. Im quite new to rebuilding having only built micro coils for kanger aerotanks. Its taken a while to get my wicking right so if you are a novice like me id say go for it but buy a kayfil tool at the same time as it makes it much easier if you fill the tank then decide you need to adjust the wick or coil....saves a lot of lost juice!
Have to thank all at CDV for fantastic price, service and the mini screwdriver sent with my purchase, great guys love the care taken in packing too.
No words needed
Mouth breathing is very suitable atomizer
Simply stunning!
I've spent the last few months with a Russian 91%, so was already sold on the Kayfun Lite concept.

Build Quality: Lovely! Although it was a bit of a pain to disassemble the first time out of the box as the O-rings were dry...a bit of e-juice has soon sorted out the threads and O-rings. The threading is sublime. The machining and finish quality are superb, the new drip tip design works well for me...a lot slimmer than the Russian but still delivers the narrow jet of vapour that intensifies the flavour.

Build: It's a Kayfun Lite...the deck is quite small and it takes a bit of practice to get the wicking correct, especially with heavier VG juice. Practice makes perfect...less is more when wicking, and make sure the wick only just touches the deck. It has an adjustable centre pin so will work safely and securely on all your self-adjusting, mechanical and hybrid mods.

Performance: Filling screw is a bit of a pain, but the tank capacity is excellent so it'll usually only need filling once a day...make sure you get some needle-tipped bottles! To get the best from it, it needs to be warm. Luckily it's built from a LOT of solid steel, so once you take a few pulls at lower wattages to loosen up the juice, you can crank up the power and really let it rip, and the steel holds the heat well keeping your juice flowing nicely.
I can't see how anyone could do a lung inhale on this thing, the draw is way too tight. But for mouth to lung it's unparalleled. Lots of warm, thick vapour and probably the best flavour of anything I've ever used, including drippers! (Note that you can convert the KFL to dripper mode if so desired)
It can suffer wicking problems with high VG juice if cold, badly wicked or running too high power/low resistance coils, or if it's not filled correctly.
Once set up in experienced hands a Kayfun delivers day after day of flawless performance. I usually re-wick every 2-3 days, and hardly ever have to re-coil.

I'm running this currently on a Sigelei 75W TC box. Ni200 10 wrap 4mm open coil with cotton comes in at 0.18 ohm...precisely as predicted by Steam-Engine.org. It's a great atomizer for TC builds and the deck is very conductive. With the mod set to 20W and 420'F it delivers thick tasty vapour, and with MaxVG juice I've just chain-vaped an entire tank with not the slightest hint of a dry hit.

Value: Hard to say. It's £50. Some say that's expensive, I say it's a bargain for the performance. Sure, you could pick up a £20 clone, but I believe in showing support for the original designer..plus it really is worth the extra money for the sheer quality of the atomiser and the vape it delivers. It's outperforming the £45 Russian right now!
The best
I have a few different kfl+ clones and liked them so decided to buy an original. One of the best purchases I ever made. The original is in a different league to them, so much so I bought another.
Clone=ok, original= way way better, don't let anyone tell you any different. Great service from cloud9 as usual.
Awesome Kayfun quality
Had to buy another
Absolutely Brilliant
Easy to build very forgiving on the coils so a great one to learn on and the taste is spot on one of the best tasting vapes i have had from a 5 min build at my desk at work while the boss isnt looking :P.

Only reason for 4 stars are the following

Its a pain in the bum to fill the tank unless you have a syringe bottle and the air hole is a pain to adjust if you like changing it on the fly as you have to take the tank off to get to the adjustment screw.
Don't accept second best
When I finally decided to get my Kayfun, it was after trying a number of alternatives, all cheaper. I found there was something missing with them and just could not get on with them. I got them because I thought the Kayfun was just over priced. How wrong I was. Like many others have found, the original is the best and worth every single penny. The only negative, if you can call it that, is the filling of it. However, I hope this is now going to be sorted with my latest purchase, the Kayfil. But don't let that put you off, get a Kayfun and you will never regret it.
You DO get what you pay for
£67 plus postage may seem a lot to spend on a rebuildable tank atomiser, especially when there are much cheaper devices on the market. But having experienced some of those for myself I can say that you really do get what you pay for. The Kayfun Lite Plus is a very high quality piece of engineering, solidly constructed, hefty and robust. It is beautiful to look at and incredibly easy to build on. Do download the manual, and read it, to get the best performance from the device and to better understand how it works and how it manages to deliver such a superlative vaping experience.
Money spent on clones or copies of the Kayfun is money wasted, as I can testify. But buying the original was the best investment I have made in my Vaping Journey. It is a joy to work with, a delight to vape on and so efficient a nicotine delivery system that I have stepped down in e-liquid strengths twice since owning it.
Ordering from Cloud 9, the device was delivered the next day. Faultless.
Just the best yet
Best RBA from Kayfun or anyone else yet top vape, top flavour everything good about the Kayfun lite only even better with all the smallest gripes banished. If your experienced at RBA vaping or just a beginner this really a fabulous Atty. I cant fault it and value for money compared to others is excellent. Great machining quality build you can feel the quality like the Audi/VW or BMW of the vape world really impressed.
So good, I bought a second one
Bought my first a couple of months ago and was seriously impressed with the build quality. I set it up with a Navy nest using .2 Kanthal and 2.5mm Voodoo wool and it vapes so well that when I'm driving with the window down the drivers behind are turning on their fog lights.
I then decided I REALLY NEEDED a second one for a bit of variety during the day and this one arrived next day and was set up and in use within 10 mins,
Superb bit of kit and at this price it's in a class of it's own.
Thank you C9V for your Sterling service..........and the sweet!.
Wot??? .......No sweet????
Like so many reviewers before me, I finally took the plunge and got a genuine KFL+! Ordered yesterday, delivered this morning in NI with C9V's usual speedy service and packaging finesse!!!
After 4 months of faffing about with an ebay clone (apparently one of the better ones!) and doubting how much better the real thing could be, I now know ..... the difference is truly amazing and well worth every penny of the extra cost.
So, if you're dithering on whether or not to "go real", all I can say is buy one - you will not be disappointed!
.... and buy from C9V, put the pressure on - insist on your sweet in your order - c'mon Kevin ;-)
...seriously though, great product and great service as usual.
Excellent product and service
I bought this as my first non-clone RBA, and the difference in materials and build quality was obvious from first sight. Using the suggested wicking technique in C9V's supporting video, it works really well. There was a whistle from the air-hole other than fully screwed in. As I live close by, Keith very kindly took a look at it and resolved. Very happy with the item and very impressed with the first-class service and knowledge that C9V have. Highly recommend the Kayfun Lite Plus and Cloud 9 Vaping.
The best
I've been doing rebuilds over the last year on a number of RBA. Each with varying success. To save money I've generally gone for the cheaper end of the market, but after my last (hateful) RBA, the Fogger V4 (.3), decided to see what all the fuss was about.

Received it the day after ordering (excellent service as usual), washed it and was going to wait for this weekend to do my first build. But couldn't wait any longer. I can only say, it was the quickest, easiest build I have ever done. And the result was flavour I had not experienced before. The quality of the KF is excellent also. Basically, don't wait, don't be tempted by cheap knock offs / copies etc., get the best now, you will not regret it.
First Class
Ordered 2 of these in the last few weeks, They are great well made so easy to rebuild, Really good taste and vapour production, wish I had bought these months ago I could have save so much money wasted on other tanks, plus first class service from cloud9vaping,Thanks guys
Yes - it is that good
Endorsing - what’s already been endorsed. My first re-buildable, never looked back. Beautifully designed & engineered, it simply just works so well. In terms of flavour & vapour production, it’s all been said in the other reviews. A no brainer, the best value re-buildable on the market, backed by excellent after sales spares availability plus technical advice from Cloud9.
Amazing RBA Highly recommended!
I only had a bit of experience with RBA, I have a RSST.
I don't really use it, I had a bad experience making coils...
With the Kayfun, first try all ok, with a great taste and a nice cloud
Really worth the cash.
Very very good taste from this tank
Very easy to build and it taste great with the juice I am using,I was going to buy a dripper but now I don't have to.
I have to big up cloud 9 staff for there speedy delivery and the toffee they gave me,one negative no little screwdriver or a bit of kanthal or ekowool to go with it
Defintely recommended.
Been using a kayfun clone for a couple of months but decided to buy the real deal as I was having issues with the 510 connector. First impressions were that it wasn't that much different but once you start to build on one you definitely start to realise. The screws clamp the kanthal no problem at all, and I just found it exponentially easier. Put it all back together, no leaking, no whistle, no gurgling of fluid and it sits perfectly on my Provari with the SvoeMesto beauty ring.

Fire it up and then you notice the true difference, basically it gives up so much vape for a tank that I've had to knock my nicotine down from 1.2 to 0.8mg as it was making me dizzy; nearly verging on dripper territory really. I'm only at 4volts on a 1.4ohm coil,so just under 12watts. Very smooth draw too.

Honestly compared to my clone this is in a different league.

Definitely worth the money.
Highly Recommended !
Easy to use , vapes well & the bonus looks good !
The BEST atty I ever try, 5 stars
Easy to build, a lot of vapor and great taste. Can you expect more?? :)
Good once you learn how to build the coil correctly.
I had trouble for the first few coil builds, kept getting a burnt flavour, then wasn't getting any flavour. Very annoying. Wasted a lot of juice. Finally got it vaping well, with loads of flavour. The Taifun GT in my opinion is far superior and easier attomizer to use.
Received this product in double quick time, superb build quality and looks great on my Vanilla. Wrapped a 1.0 ohm coil with double 3m silica and 0.25 kanthal and WOW! excellent flavour and vape production. Have been using for 2 weeks and no wicking issues or leaking or "whistling" as some reviews suggest. To sum up it produces a cracking vape for me every time. Great service from C9V as well. A big thumbs up and 5stars from me.
not bad
I just got this product. it's nice looking and stuff the only thing i have with this KFL is that when i juice it up with Banana flavor on my cotton wick it taste like burnt cotton (After cleaning t inside and out) but when i cleaned the product inside and out again i then topped it up with American sweet juice it tasted lovely. i was just wondering if it's my banana juice or the KFL itself ,or the KFL only works well with some e-juice i.e. tobacco flavored juices.
Love it dearly
What can I say that has not been said already? The tried and tested Kayfun series are a true breed among breeds. Super easy to build and loads of product information and build info available.

Using 1.3ohm twisted build on my Semovar is a dream vape. I love it to death. Build quality is second to none, just amazing and looks awesome on the Semovar.

My only small gripe, and it is small / the clear tank section has over flashing caused by the injection moulding, has plastic flashing inside the tank and two lines down the outside of the tank, this does not effect it's operation in any way.

I loved my 1st Kayfun so much I now have two of them.
I would like to give this KFL+ a 4.5 rating , though 4 seems too low. It's true that the upgraded model has a whistling problem, as other reviews have already testified. However I've found this to be dependent upon both the type of coil built, and the positioning of it. For these reasons I would not consider it to be a major sticking point. Moreover, there is a way to fix this (a bit of a pain, instructions can be found online, something which I may consider when I have the time). Hopefully SvoeMesto will address this problem with a further upgraded model. I should also add that I have not adjusted the airflow screw at all yet, as I am currently lacking a slotted 1mm screwdriver. Overall though, this is my first rebuildable atomiser, chosen after days of scouring online review and advice. This bad boy has consistently been championed by users old and new the world over, and it does not disappoint. A very straightforward and sold design that allows for great flexibility. One other minor drawback is the o ring on the fill hole - it does not las very long. Yes, you could purchase multiple spares kits for the KFL+, though for me, it seems pointless just for this o ring. You can buy replacements on ebay, though it would be nice to see C9V offering these as a stand alone purchase. All in all, well worth the money and I shall be buying another soon :)
believe the hype
received quickly, and thanks to cloud9vaping! the things you hear about this piece are true... its easy, and it will outperform your expectations. be prepared to adjust your nic content down, as it is a heavy hitter.
don't overthink it.. just buy the thing! i literally ordered a second after one week - its that good!
spent the past couple months with an aspire nautilus after quickly moving up from the protank 2. dont get me wrong, i like the nautilus.. but i knew there had to be more. i fought long and hard over what to get.. the russian 91 or the KFL+. i am in the states and a genuine KFL+ has been terribly hard to find for a good price. somehow i stumbled onto cloud 9. still i couldnt decide, but then figured if im gonna shell out over 100 [came to under 114 shipped to me in the US].. im going with the o.g. real deal and man am i glad i did. super easy to build, taste and vapor.. at least my experience, is out of this world! not to mention.. through my clearos i was going through 24mg no problem.. chain vaping, puffin tough! immediately.. about ten tokes in, i knew i would have to step my nic mics down a step or two. i was so impressed with the quality and delivery of the KFL+, i ordered a second one after about a week, without hesitation. do yourself a favor and up that flavor. dont overthink it, just get one.. or a couple.. you wont be sorry!
Great product as always from svoemesto
Great product. This has now replaced my 3.1es easier to clean less parts. Same vape.
Why oh why didn't I buy one sooner?!
Ok. Add me to the list of people coming back for a second one and kicking myself that I didn't bite the bullet and get one of these earlier.

I've tried Boge cartos, DCT carto tanks, TW tornado tanks, Vision Nanos, CE5s, Vivi Novas, VapeOnly BCCs, Innokin iClear 30s & 30b and the Octopus dripper. All that time spending £10 here, £15 there, £5 all over the place for packs of replacements cartos/heads/wicks.

All while never quite having the guts to drop £70 on something like the KFL+. £70 feels like a lot in one go you know? Particularly as my smoking habit used to cost me less than a fiver a week for a pack of Amber Leaf.

Now, after having the KFL+ for a month and vaping on nothing else I look at a drawer full of cartos and clearos and think what w f***ing waste of money that lot was? I could have had at least three of these for the same amount of money!

So please - do yourself a favour. If you're umming and ahhing, wondering if £65 of atty can really be all that much better than £15 of atty, the answer is a resounding YES!!!

You know what they say - 'Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten' - and the quality of these things is so good that I'm already dropping another £65 for a second one before I talk myself out of it again.
It whistles
It does it is supposed to do, but it whistles. It whistles with the air flow screw in or out.

What a shame. You'd think they would have fixed this on this revised edition.

Also the clear plastic window has a noticeable seam along the side, it looks like it's a cheap chinese version or something.

Not very happy with this at all.
Own two KFL+ now. My favorite Atomizer. Easy to build and maintain. Good quality material and looks nice. The only con I have is that the filler port is underneath and needs a screwdriver to access.
What I wanted
I was disappointed in the KFL due to the leaking from the fill screw and reluctant to buy a PLUS from accounts of whistling. The new version of the PlusI bought last week has cured this - so I'm getting another.
10 out of 10
Love it, bought one , liked it so much that I decided to buy another one.

Fantastic product, oozing quality, thick nice vapor, easy to bulid and looks great.
Just buy one!
This is my first rebuildable and it really couldn't be easier.
It's so simple!
I have been vaping for about a year now - no ciggies since then - and decided that it was time to try out a 'rebuildable' atomiser. I bought the SvoeMesto Nivel system and concluded that, as it was engineered to such a high standard, the Kayfun Lite would probably be a good bet. All of the positive reviews are spot on - this really is a superb atomiser/tank combination. It is like a Protank on steroids, except...I built it!!! How good is that - someone who can't bash two bits of wood together without ending up in hospital managed to make a fully functioning 2 ohm atomiser (OK - when I get better at it I could get this down!).
I would recommend Todd's review on the Kayfun - some of the American ones make this look like rocket science, but he just follows a 'bish-bash-bosh' method and it works :-). 4 or 5 wraps (not too close together) around a doubled up strip of silica produced 2 Ohms for me. I guess once I get better at this, I might be able to head toward 1.5 ohms. However, the result with my first ever atty is excellent.
The Kayfun Lite looks very good on top of the SvoeMesto - even with the 510 adapter - and, using a short 18350 tube, is not too 'mad wizard' looking. Very clean lines.
So - if you have never built an atty before and are a clutz, fear not...the Kayfun Lite even works for us!
Top dog
I waited a phew months before writing a review, as I was new to rebuild-able attys. With helpful vids was soon building coils to my own personal taste. Being quiet clumsy, my whole set up has hit the deck a number of times. The makrolon snapped along the threads on one occasion. I now use the full metal set up, which has also hit the deck from height a number of times with no breakage. Have learnt to fill the tank without being able to see the juice, and been surprised that this has not been a problem. Day too day performance is outstanding, flavor second to none. Low running cost, well impressed. With even saying I managed to snap the makrolon insert , will buy a very coool looking red replacement.
My go to for the last two months
The Kayfun Lite+ is the first rebuildable I have owned and am still using it 2 months later. Which speaks for itself! I have used a lot of different atomisers from the likes of an Evod to a Kraken but always go back to the KFL+ (with Mod Factory nano conversion kit also from C9V). I've had a little issue with a little rubber piece inside the airflow control hole which was restricting airflow but was easily poked back in place and hasn't been a problem since. On the wicking side of things I have found that making sure there is a couple of mm between the juice channel and the wicking material works best so as not to restrict the juice flow into the chamber. I also have to say how great the service is from C9V. Thank you very much Lisa and Keith, you do a great job!
I just ordered my second one if that tells you anything. The Kayfun Lite+ is by far the best vape I've had since I began vaping in 2012. I cannot say enough good about this tank. I'm running a 1.5 ohm microcoil ( 10 wraps of .28 kanthal A1) with cotton wick. The adjustable airflow is a huge plus as well. You will not be disappointed buying this product.
The best
Excellent quality
This is a first rate product with excellent build quality and performance.
Absolutely amazing expensive but worth every penny
High quality product.Hands down.
Unbelievably fast delivery !!! (to EU) Nicest and fastest service i have ever experienced.My jaw dropped... Thank you!
Awesome product!
Just wanted to say that the service from Cloud9 has been superb! Made an order, got several emails telling me every step of my order and then received my order the next day. Couldn't wait to do my first build in my Kayfun, although it was a little harder than what I expected after all the youtube videos I have watched, but I managed to make a 1.4ohm micro coil and added some cotton wool and it's working like a champ. Will definitely be recommending the Kayfun and Cloud9 to all my friends. Thank you very much.
Fantastic all you need
I can not rate the product highly enough. The build quality is fantastic, the looks great and the flavour / Th out of this world. Further than that the customer service was outstanding. Thank you Keith.
Very nice product, nicely vaping, easy to build, easy to fill, easy to use.
product you can buy with your "eyes closed". Fits nice on my mini provari, adjustable air flow works perfect, looks lovely with colored matching tanks. Thanx to cloud9vaping for the very fast and nice shipping and the funny gift that came with it, I highly recommend!
OK, so firstly I'm not a world authority on vaping, this being my first step up to building my own coils on a decent device (previously only used Protank/Evod etc), but even so I have found the KFL+ to be a revelation. My early fears of "Am I going to be able to even build a microcoil?" were dispelled the very first time I tried (various Youtube tutorials were a godsend), and I am loving this device. Vapes beautifully. The only time I get a bit of gurgling is (I think) when I use too much cotton wool in the wick (I'm still learning). If you're thinking of splashing out on a quality rebuildable atomizer that isn't exactly cheap but won't break the bank, I can highly recommend this one as being very easy to work with whatever your skill and experience with RDA's (mine was zero) and does what you ultimately want it to do, which is give you a great vape!
Since My Kayfun Lite landed in my hands I can honestly say I have used no other device. It does not leak, I can altar the draw to suite my preference and it holds a good amount of liquid so i fill up once a day and I'm on my way.... IT'S BRILL!!
Service was brill too
After spending £120 for a Taifun GT to replace my Ithaka, I bought this. Definitely the easiest to build among the three and provide the same if not better flavor than the Taifun for half the money. Its a little bit airy even tighten the air hole screw but its ok. Worth every penny and the usual good and efficient service from cloud9vaping.
I'm so happy
All I can say is WOW....

This has really taken my vaping to the next level, if your looking for the next step up you won't be disappointed !

Build quality brilliant all threads are buttery smooth , quality bit of kit that every should have or at least try.

Well done guys!
Well worth the money
I had watched many reviews on the Kayfun Lite Plus and decided to take the plunge and spend the money, needles to say I am in no way disappointed.

This is hands down the best device I have ever used, sat on top of my Smok Magneto the kayfun looks and performs amazingly. Could not recommend this product enough!
Why did I wait so long?!
The Kayfun Lite+ is a fantastic device. I wish I would have purchased one months ago. The built quality is nice, the device feels solid, and it seems like, with some basic maintenance, this atty will last a long time. The flavor is just ridiculous, and the vapor production is solid from my micro/cotton build. I keep waiting for a rouge vape, either dry or gurgley, but not a single one. Its performance is rock solid, and the vape is fantastic and satisfying from the first blast to the last. Cloud 9 shipped mine international to the U.S. northwest and I received it extremely fast. I plan on buying another one next month. Buy it before you kick yourself for waiting too long, like me.
SvoeMesto Kayfun Lite Plus Kit
its quite fiddly to set up but worth the effort it vapes very well the bottom coil is excellent and over all i am very impressed and i have used many top of the range rebuildables this one is right up there with the best
Pure Excellence!
I have just received my KFL+ and was surprised to see just how 'dinky' the box was :) I had armed myself with many tutorial videos from you tube on building coils for the KFL+ so had all the supply's ready for arrival! I built a 1.2ohm micro-coil with cotton wick assembled and found the draw initially to be a little tight, a quick adjustment via the airflow screw in the base and the end result..the best vaping experience I have ever had! The vapor production is moist,warm and dense. An extremely satisfying throat hit (I use 80VG/20PG juice!) and the flavor...its really quite breathtaking, I never knew e-juice could be quite so tasty! This is my first high end RDA and for anyone wondering if its worth the extra coin well I can honestly assure you its worth every penny! I wish I had bought a good device like this a long time ago. 5/5 Superb!!
Excellent product!!
The Kayfun Lite plus has been an absolute pleasure to use. It works faultlessly every single time I pick it up, wicks perfectly, no flooding, great taste, clouds of vapour, I can't recommend this product enough! Use it with a micro coil- 28ga kanthal, 8 to 10 wraps with an organic cotton wick and enjoy!
I would definitely recommend lowering your nicotine strength when using the Kayfun. I usually vape 18mg and it damn nearly blew my head off when I first used it! I now vape at 10mg!
Fantastic service from C9V, this was my first order with them, the product arrived within 48hrs and I will definitely be using them again for my future vaping needs!
A fantastic RBA with exceptional build quality and a great service from C9V. What more could you want?
An excellently engineered RBA with high build quality. Two significant improvements with the Plus help to up the anti. Glad to see the air flow is now adjustable to the user's preferences. Also appreciate the o-ring gasket on the fill screw. The Kayfun Lite Plus is now my personal favorite, and I never get tired of experimenting with different coil/wick setups. C9V provides an outstanding customer service experience.
Ordered yesterday came at 10am today first class service by C9V. Build is superb looks really good on my svd. First time i've ever built a coil came out at 2 ohms happy with that for now.
Lovely warm clouds of vapoure good throat hit and more taste than with any other tank I own. Love the adjustable air flow all in all a superb device highly recommended.
This is so easy to coil. Basically if you can recoil vivi novas you'll find this about 10 times easier to get going.

Vapour production, flavour and throat hit are outstanding and are personally more preferred to me than genesis style atomisers.

Build quality is superb, everything is superbly machined. Looks really good on an SS Vamo for now, but I think I'll look at getting something a bit more in-keeping with the quality of the Kayfun in the near future.

As always, service and speed of delivery from Cloud9 is second to none, it never falters.
Relatively new to vaping and thought i'd invest in something a little more 'hardcore'... best move i ever made,. These are loads better than the standard vivi tops etc that i have used in the past.
First build went like a dream (i followed the rebuild on this website). No problems with leaks etc. a few minutes and job done.
Definitely worth the purchase.
Relatively new to vaping and thought i'd invest in something a little more 'hardcore'... best move i ever made,. These are loads better than the standard vivi tops etc that i have used in the past.
First build went like a dream (i followed the rebuild on this website). No problems with leaks etc. a few minutes and job done.
Definitely worth the purchase.
Almost perfect.
Mine arrived with very sharp/rough threads that tore up the paper towel that I tried to dry it with, leaving little tufts of paper fibres in the threads. Getting the Makrolon tank threads started was an exercise in extreme patience and great care was needed not to get it cross threaded.
That said, it still gets five stars from me because of that delicious vape.
pretty good
After 12 days I finally got mine, gently packaged in perfect condition.
This is my very first ever rebuildable atomizer so I can’t tell much about its performance as I am still learning how to set it up, at the moment it leaves some bad taste and I don’t know if it is a bad setup or I had to clean it before I use it for first time. The air adjustment is awesome and the feeling of vaping is really nice.
I was expecting a small screwdriver to accompany it as you need to remove a screw even to put your juice in so I got disappointed a bit when I saw nothing, other than that is a good gift to yourself.
Great build quality with a down side
I got this just over a week ago, while the build quality is second to none, it does come with a draw back in my opinion.

The plus comes with adjustable air flow, which goes (when the screw is placed flush) fromt fairly tight to locked. If you want an airy draw then you have to remove the screw which to me has caused wicking issues on silica, so i use cotton. There is a little ball in the airflow channel (why i do not know) which when you have the screw out causes a slight, very slight whistle on a harder draw. With the srcrew out it is a nice airy draw, which i like.. However with the issues that come with the screw being out completely (you cannot take it part way out because your atty will not sit properly in the mod) it is annoying.

Also the air control screw is very close to the 510 so putting it back in is fiddlier than i would like.

Still a great atomiser though.

In all honesty i wish i bought the Kayfun Lite.
Guys if your wondering about the price like i was, just go for it ,watched
todds review on utube and took the plunge and oh boy am i pleased perfect piece of kit from the leading ecig vendors
I have three kayfun lites and just ad two additional kayfun lite plus. If you think on how much you spend on all the cheap e cigs this is well worth it. I run mini coils at 1.7 ohms with cotton and it is the best !! I would recommend this to anyone. The service from cloud 9 is the best I have ever come across the internet. Thanks cloud 9 you rock !!!!!
Excellent Experience & item
First Kayfun & Cloud9Vaping, fantastic product (looks great works great - managed to make my first microcoil with cotton ball wick) and service (0rdered on the weekend in the hand by tuesday) bought with vanilla mod, loving the combo & enjoyed the Toffee :-)
All the good things people are used to from Svoemesto's KFL, But with the added air control to tailor the draw to 'you'. Oustanding product.
Top notch
build quality is spot on very easy to set up with both cootonwool or Silica Wick . Great product at a fair price
Enough said.
Would say reduce your nic levels.