Prometheus Lights Lambda Top - Instrument Ruby

Prometheus Lights Lambda Top - Instrument Ruby

Product no.: SPIN-LAMBDA-01

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Prometheus Lights Lambda Top

Instrument Ruby bearing

The Lambda top is machined from a single piece of solid brass bar stock, this version of the Lambda is made from four times the brass compared with the original aluminium/brass version. After numerous design changes, the California based Jason Hui found that because of the weight distribution of brass, the centre of gravity was at first too high. So, he went back to the drawing board to lower the centre of gravity by hollowing out the spindle. The result: a long-spinning top with a low centre of gravity, even better than the original. Although both tops deliver similar spin times, the ruby version has an added element of surprise. Peer down the spindle from above and you’ll see light refracting through the bearing, creating an even more distinct piece.


  • Material: Brass
  • Bearing: Instrument ruby
  • Hollow stem
  • Knurling for grip

Made in the USA

30mm x 25mm
Weight: 34.6 grams



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