SQuape Mecanic Mod by StattQualm

SQuape Mecanic Mod by StattQualm

Product no.: SQM-121

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Perfect except the fire button doesn’t often fire.
from on 02/09/2018
Lovely mod. Except I’ve stopped using it as the fire button I feel is over engineered and unresponsive most of the time, very frustrating. However I do keep looking on creme de vape for an updated simple nemesis style switch and one which deems not the need for a screwdriver to tension up the battery every time you change it, it’s not very 2018. Also the hole made for the screwdriver let’s in lots of debris which again gets in the way of the contacts. I recieved this product the day it came out from creme de vape about six months ago and before writing this review I was suprised there was not one other review on this product. Overall the mechanic is comfortable in the hand and if the fire button could be improved (which I’d be front of the queue for purchase) would be a lovely piece of kit and I’d be proud to use this as my daily mech. Sshhh, by writing this I’m hoping Kieth may look into this and see what magic he can make.


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