Customer ratings for Taifun GT4 Nano Kit by Steam Tuners

Taifun GT4 Nano Kit by Steam Tuners
Product no.: STEAMT-17

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Number of ratings: 8
Average rating: 4.5
Absolutely amazing
from Jordan Gillingham on 25/07/2020
So I got this to reduce the size of my GT4. This cap and the MTL post have made my GT4 my favourite rta
from mark spreadbury on 10/07/2020
I been waiting for one taifun GT4 nano kit for ages now and I wasn't disappointed it's great to be able to add more juice fits perfectly and bang on in flavour. First time shopping with creme de vape I would highly recommend this product
MUST OWN if you DL!
from Nathan Winton on 07/04/2020
I bought the Pure edition and I only like DL vaping so I was having to refill all the time because of the low capacity so this Steam Tuners Nano kit lets me put a couple extra mL in the tank and I love that. Also it looks GREAT on the MOD. VERY well made and I had no problems at all. I think I am going to buy another GTIV w/Steam Tuners Nano kit because I have 2 "ALL DAY" flavors I like to swap out so I don't get vapors tongue.
from Anonymous on 06/04/2020
piece of garbage doesn't fit on the deck all the way and leaks
from Zane Rosier on 13/11/2019
I have purchased nearly everything available for the Taifun GT4 and this is another great addition to have. I will note that I new it was inherently cloudy when I purchased it but I really wanted it crystal clear. I purchased a product called Polywatch for around £4 for 5g. I used a very small amount on a microcloth and lightly polished for a couple of minutes and the results were nothing short of amazing. It polished this part to a glass like finish so if you're after a crystal finish definitely try Polywatch.
Enhanced Flavor
from HUSSAM AL-BAZ on 31/10/2019
The kit has provided the best RTA with even better flavour and performance.
Unique design and shorter height gives it a better looking RTA. as well as compatibility with a wider range of mods.
Gighly recommended
Absolutely good, more beautiful and classy
gt4 nano kit
from paul chessher on 01/07/2019
Love this thing!!!
As beautiful as I think this tank is' It is a little on the tall side, like most high end tanks,
This drop kit makes this tank look
Low & mean' still holds just over 4 & a bit mls, so you don't lose much capacity, and its also easy to take apart and fill, looks good on smaller single battery mods now too, my favourite tank to date!. Luverly....