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Taifun GT IV Spares kit
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Spare kit
from Aydan Ruzhdi on 09/02/2022
So having the spare parts is just for feel yourself safe.Because believe me you don't need that parts maybe for 2 years.The atomizer gt4 is very well made the parts are extremely good.The only thing I can say if you loose some parts than yes you need them so that is why I get them.
A must have item
from Anonymous on 14/12/2021
This is handy just because you may need to rebuild your atty after lots of use or you could need just one of the insulators or something
Taifun GT IV Spares
from Timmy Stone on 09/10/2021
A must have for Taifun GT IV owners. Don’t be caught with a leaky tank.
As always, Creme de Vape delivers fair pricing, super fast shipping and top notch customer support.
from Paul Richards on 12/08/2020
Perfect for giving you Gt4 an overhaul
A must have for any Taifun owner
from Goran Mesnjak on 09/02/2020
This is a must have for Taifun owners. I had one from those first batches where o-ring on the LC wasn't proper size. When I replaced it from these spares it fixed the leaking problem.
So yeah, I highly recommend it.