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Taifun Box Mod
Product no.: TAIFUN-01

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Number of ratings: 8
Average rating: 5
Excellent box mod
from Omer Nakash on 16/05/2020
Excellent box mod, goes perfectlly with the RTA Taifun GT IV
Build quality very good, excellent mechanics, very comfortable grip and one of the most precise chip, specially for temperature control Super fast ramp up, definitely worth the price.
Great box mod!
from Ahmed Ghunaim on 30/03/2020
Its one of my favourite box mod built quality is on point! the chip fire as smooth as it should! so 5 stars for me
Love this mod !!!
from Giancarlo Massironi on 16/02/2020
First class service from Creme de Vape as per usual been using them for some years now and this Taifun box mod is just awesome, paired with the GTR RTA it is a killer combo. Love the quality and feel of this product, sure as hell you get what you paid for and in this case it is worth every penny, cannot recommend more highly 5 stars !!!
Built like a tank
from jan patrona on 11/02/2020
Beautiful mod and well built. Surprised by its weight when I received it but I like that it is heavy. It lets you know you are holding something of quality. I fee like I could drop this numerous times without breaking it. It is true the temp control for the dicodes board is elegant. It is a very smooth vape compared to a dna. Considering buying another to shelve away.
Second Perfection
from Nick Palliser on 08/01/2020
So, not much to add to my earlier review. But thought would be a fitting recommendation in that I purchased a second Taifun Box Mod! Yep, they are that good I bought two in the end.
So, if you're thinking about it, just do it, they are that good they are addictive.
German Genius
from Nick Palliser on 02/01/2020
I already own a Dicodes Mini and 21700 but had fancied a Taifun Box for some time.
I have owned / do own yihi and dna mods but dicodes I have found to be the superior chip when it comes to a regulated mod.
The Taifun Box is sublime. It's about the size and weight of my 21700 but, for me at least, the ergonomics are better (it feels just right in my hand). The dicodes menu system has been customised by Taifun and it's so much more user friendly than the typical dicodes menu (which is quite complex and user intensive). Navigating the menu system and changing settings is an absolute breeze on the Taifun (not to mention the bigger screen making things easier still). The build quality (from images, showing the detachable panels etc. may suggest otherwise) is exquisite. Every surface, join, print and engraving is of the highest quality.
But it costs more than a dicodes and only has an 18650 battery you say. Correct, but personally I have many more 18650 devices, from torches to mods to gimbals etc. and thus have many more batteries (and changing a battery takes mere moments and they aren't exactly an issue to carry if needed). And it doesn't come in a plethora of colours you say. Again correct, but it's so classy as is and you can always order a custom leather sleeve to protect and personalise your Taifun, like I just have). And when there is a sale on, things become even sweeter :-)
As much as I love my dicodes, if something was to happen to my Taifun now I would have to replace it with the same as it's THAT good!
If your a taifun fan, you need this!
from Steve Rogers on 24/10/2019
I bought this for my gt4 to sit on. Its beautiful. Looks great, feels great in the hand, super fast ramp up. Its just great in every way. Quite a bit more expensive than my dicodes dani 21700 which i love equally but it suits the gt4 so well. All my atty's are by taifun and im so glad to have this in my collection. If your a fan, get one. You wont be dissapointed.
German Engineering at it's best
from Anonymous on 01/11/2018
No a cheap product but engineered to the highest degree. Comfortable in the hand albeit a little heavy. Dicodes chipset. Very happy with my purchase!