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Taifun GT IV Pure Glass RTA
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from Rafael Kusumi on 13/10/2019
This tank is close to perfect the gnarling feels like its the depth of a finger print and makes it so easy and nice to adjust. The juice control being connected to the middle ring is butter and call me superficial but I like a short tank. Deck is good but no little stubs to catch the wires when you tighten the deck screws so round wire coils are a little bit tricky flat wire is easier as it doesn't want to move as much when it contacts the deck screws. It's not big deal at all but it's my theory that they are so close to perfection level that they needed to hold back so they could add the stubs on the GT5 otherwise there would be no improvement make...it is that good. I think the hold back thing is an old Festool trick and yes I got the last rotex to fit the new paper and yes I will get the GT5 with the stubs.
Awesome Tank
from Sandra Shorland on 29/08/2019
I cant put this thing down it works flawlessly, It is expensive but well worth the money, the flavour this thing chucks out is awesome, the way this wicks the juice is brilliant there is a lot of control on it, doesn,t look to tall either,if your looking to buy a rta I dont think you can buy a better one than this.
Ultimate Single Coil RTA
from Zane Rosier on 11/07/2019
Being a vaper for over 8 years and going through most RTA's on the market from Delta II to Kayfuns and everything in between I decided to treat myself to something well high end. After watching Jaihaze's review of the GT4 I decided this was the one to start off my higher end collection. Everything about this RTA screams quality from the machining to the flavour this thing pumps out is incredible. With the additional posts you can have this wide open or a tight mtl draw and it works flawlessly in both modes. If your
The ultimate high end RTA
from Clive Harding on 30/04/2019
The Taifun GTlV is one of the most expensive RTA device's on the market. But as with nearly all things, you get what you pay for! So from the moment you open the tube packaging it comes in you are instantly made aware of the quality and the clean appearance of this elite rebuildable from Smokerstore.
The easiest way to endorse this tank is to recommend watching Jai Haze & his review of this product. Needless to say, this latest model, the GTlV (4) is Jai's all time best RTA/tank of all time.
Finally I would like to say that i don't think this RTA is for beginners. In my opinion this tank is for advanced users only and for collectors.
Amazing piece of kit
from Carl Auger on 26/04/2019