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Taifun GT IV RTA (New design)
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Number of ratings: 20
Average rating: 4.9
Taifun GT4
from stefan smith on 14/01/2021
Very pleased with this one, it's a very well machined high quality tank and she's tall but i like it,
I have to replace the tpd chimney to a narrow one though to get more juice capacity.
My setup for this ione is, SFC build using SS 316L 28.5G by 40G 10 wraps 3.5mm and works really well for me,
Thanks to those air holes the way they position them it just gives me a flavourful vape everytime all the time and really good throat hit too, all in all I'm enjoying it it's a well worth purchase for me, CDV need to have the DLC version in stock lol, if I was to rate this it would be on the very high scale... Happy vaping!
Its excellent !!!
from MD JOYNAL ABEDIN on 27/12/2020
This is the best RTA I have ever seen. Its pretty cool and gorgeous looking. I have already fan with this. I love it and I will again purchase if any update version release. You have made a exceptional RTA. Thanks for whose are made it for user.
Taifun GT IV
from Anonymous on 22/11/2020
This is one of them high end RTA’s With a price tag to match, but I’m no stranger to German RTA’s since I’ve still got all my kayfun’s and still vape them. The build and finish is worthy of its price tag and if looked after you’ll be vapeing this Taifun GT IV for years. The flavour is excellent, the vape experience is top notch and it’s easy to build on and get running. The only trouble I had was with the tanks top O ring there’s a tiny ledge it sits on for reassembly reasons. Now this RTA is no shrinking violet so it’s usually aloft my old Triad.
Tayfun GT4
from Anonymous on 29/09/2020
Tayfun GT4 is a Best RTA 2020. Thanks for the quality support. Fast delivery and quality original products. I recommend Shop for beginners and professionals vapers.
Great tank
from Mike Schumacher on 06/08/2020
Got this and the steam tuners kit and love it it’s my new favorite tank well worth the price
Good tank
from Jordan Gillingham on 25/07/2020
Good tank but really tall. Building on it was much easier than I thought
Greatness all round
from David Khan on 18/07/2020
I contemplated purchasing this tank for about a week, putting it in my basket then removing it, questioning, how good can one tank be? And, it's too pricey and just hyped up. Well, just as all the other reviews on this product here, I can honestly say i dont think i need another DL single coil rta, perhaps another rta all together, (im sure the "new vape gear bug" wil bite me again eventually).
Build quality is exceptional, throughout my near 8 years of vaping like many im sure, we have come to accept flaws and disappointments in some of the the gear we purchase, this tank is how vape gear should be!
All the online reviews you could care to find expound how amazing the flavour on this tank is, I was sceptical, but it is ture! Flavour is superb. Building is extremely easy and versatile offering the ability to use simple round wire or something more complicated like claptons and aliens, however the more complex coils would be more suited to this tank and give the superior experience in my opinion and having a coil with more mass makes it easier to trap under the terminal screws.
It is a tall tank but nontheless looks great. I initially thought its height would bother me but not at all. I can not recommend this rta enough if youre thinking about it and wanting something of high quality then just go for it you won't regret it.
Finally i would also like to mention creme de vape. I was looking at my order history and saw i first purchased from this site all the way back in 2013. In fact i think this was the first online vape purchase i ever made. I dont know the owners but i can say that the experience I've had as a customer has been second to none. You can tell the pride they have in there business from the care and attention they give to your order (thanks for the chocolate!)
In conclusion you can't go wrong with this tank and you certainly can't go wrong ordering it from creme de vape.
Best RTA on the market
from Ricardo Hernandez on 15/07/2020
The RTA is amazing, first, threads amazing
The machining very neat and detailed.
I don’t have any negatives or cons about the taifun 4
The costumer service and the speed of the shipping is insane! I was very impressed that I order it on a Friday afternoon and received it on Wednesday, from the UK to the US
I’m definitely buying more high end products from Creme
Thank you and great work
Great RTA
from Yasser Motawa on 05/07/2020
a very good RTA , worth the price. and cremedevape are awesome , fast shipping and great prices. surely on my top list vendors.

thank you
Best service you can find
from Robert Williamson on 22/06/2020
Short and sweet great product and service that's second to none. Will definitely be back.
from Iain Campbell on 30/05/2020
Only had it less than an hour bunged a 0.69 Clapton in it to test it an wow the reviews are correct easily the greatest vaping experience I've had to date.
Machining is different class.
Very airy
2ml tpd is lame so changed out for the other chimney I purchased with it.
Flavour off this an clouds.
You get what you pay for this is exceptional.
Great service too only ordered yesterday received today.... What pandemic
Taifun GT IV
from David Bailey on 19/05/2020
Very happy with the service and assistance I received from both Keith at Creme de Vape and Oliver at Smokerstore. I was experiencing a lot of leaking with the tank and emailed Creme de Vape for help. Keith replied immediately and forwarded the email to SmokerStore. Oliver from SmokerStore also replied promptly and suggested that I check the o-ring under the positive pin which had become unseated. Replacing it stopped the leaking. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.

There are not many reputable online retailers here in the United States for high-end RTAs, and those few rarely, if ever, have what you’re looking for in stock, so Creme de Vape has been a Godsend!
from Marcus Mikesell on 02/05/2020
I have several GT4’s. They’re just my favorite RTA’s. Creme is a go to trusted site. I live in the States & don’t hesitate to order from them. Reliable, authentic & trusted vape store. Delivery was fast & I have no complaints. Great RTA from a great vape supplier.
Excellent product and fantastic service.
from Andrew Dawson on 13/04/2020
A tank for the flavour chaser, a tank for those looking for a more customizable experience and a tank for those who like to vape at a variety of wattage and/or resistances. Is there a learning curve? Certainly, the wicking can be a tad finicky but with the juice flow, this difficulty is mitigated. The experience is magical when you get the coil sat just perfect; round wire, clapton, fused clapton, framed staple, alien, twisted wire, braided wire... the possibilities are endless and the flavour pops on any and all of them. If you can, get a series framed staple in there and get ready for a fantastic time. Easily worth the price for a product that has so many possibilities. Should you still have any doubts, just take a look at some of the other reviews and you'll quickly see just how consistent this product is in the eyes of the consumer. Of course this product would only be in my hands via the excellent services creme de vape supplies. So the final question is; will this product be right for me? That is down to individual choice as always, but I would say that due to just how varied the possibilities of building and wicking this tank supplies, you should easily find something to like. All the best, keep vaping and let's keep kicking the stinkies to the curb.
from Louai Jambi on 02/04/2020
Don’t miss having this elegant tank
Great Vape production and flavour

My new best RTA all day now

Happy to have it and got most additional accessories and part

Each additional part take you to new great experience

Highly recommended
Awesome tank ,, but..
from Ahmed Ghunaim on 30/03/2020
Great tank and very nice flavour .. the only issue is the 2ml cap .. its kinda bad for me that's why i am giving it 4 stars.
A Must Have
from Tsachi Elhanati on 18/03/2020
Top Tank.
the best I had tough its single.
super flavourful very good machining I recommend this tank for flavour chasers.
very easy to build , very easy to rewick.
if you have the budget for it, don't think twice.
from Anonymous on 06/03/2020
I must say i'm very impressed with the shipping time, response time on emails, quality of the product and so fourth!! If you are reading this and you live in the United States do not hesitate to make your purchases here! Creme De Vape is definitely the definition of a true company who values its customers and take pride in their product. I have another rdta i have my eyes set on so i will be seeing you again soon. :)

Tired of waiting 2 to 3 weeks for your Germany made vape products that you purchased in the US? The wait is over! 2 to 3 days delivered to your door!

Thank you!!
from Anonymous on 03/03/2020
In my opinion, the best Single coil atomiser ever made on the planet.
I have tried A LOT of RTA's but this is by far the best.
To go a step further, it's also better than any dual RTA too, it actually vapes like a dual coil.
Forget every single Chinese RTA, with the money your wasting, I highly suggest you pay out and buy one, in the long run, it will save you money.
This has the best flavor, period. You can even run a mesh strip in this with amazing results.
Super smooth airflow, the perfect draw, best threading you will find, best machining, best everything.
I also purchased the Pure Glass kit which makes the tank smaller in height but surprisingly, the flavor stayed the same.
My RTA journey is over....until the GT5...maybe. Best thing I've ever bought in my 5 years of vaping, do I regret paying so much ? Absolutely not !
Taifun gt4
from Ian Baron on 26/12/2019
Fantastic vape, great flavour, but if you like MTL get the taifun gtr, but back to the gt4, build quality as you would expect is great, it's veryeasy to build on, I highly recommend this atomizer, fantastic direct lung vape, brilliant