Taifun GX Tank

Taifun GX Tank

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from on 09/04/2021
Now, I am a bit biased when it comes to Taifun. I love their products, but when they are so consistently brilliant, it’s hard not to be biased to them. And the GX is no different.

First off, the machining is absolutely gorgeous. Not a single scratch or blemish to be seen. The only thing, as with most high end, is that every single o ring is super saturated in vg. Certainly helps the o rings from drying out or getting stuck, but a minor inconvenience. Always wash before your first use.

It’s the best RDTA I’ve ever owned and has the most efficient wicking I've ever seen. The flavor is top notch and if you love restrictive direct lung hits like I, you will not be disappointed.

If you run a juice guzzler of a coil, I highly suggest using the stainless steel mesh strips for wicks instead of the cables. They drastically increase the efficiency of the wicking.
from on 18/01/2021
I love this tank. I highly recommend the Taifun GX. It's easy to build, its easy to wick and it vapes like a dream. It's a high end tank that vapes like a high end tank should.
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from on 09/12/2020
I’ve been using the GX almost exclusively for the last four weeks. I’ve had absolutely no leaks or dry hits. It is a really good atty. I blocked four of the six air holes on the air discs with short pieces of wooden toothpicks and put on a Kayfun V4 plain drip tip. I changed the 5mm O-Rings on the drip tip to 4mm so it isn’t so tight. I love it. Super hi-quality machining like the BTD. It is easy to build, wick and fill. I wish Smokerstore would let you choose your supplied air discs. I’m going to try the single 1.5mm air discs. Should be perfect for me. It produces a flavorful saturated vape like the BTD. Looks good sitting on a Dani Box Mini. If I’m gushing it is because it is so good. To quote a popular Scottish reviewer, “Just buy one”


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