Mains Chargers

Mains Chargers

Mains chargers for lithium ion e-cig batteries

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Efest 6-Bay Mains charger with bluetooth

Product no.: B56-30
In stock

XTAR VP2 Mains Charger Kit

Product no.: B56-21
Limited stock

XTAR VP4 Mains Charger Kit

Product no.: B56-22
Limited stock

Veho 1000mA USB Charging Plug - UK

Product no.: USBPLUG-UK
In stock

Veho TA-1 World Travel USB Plug adapter

Product no.: USBPLUG-TR-02
In stock

Dicodes CS1 Charging Station

Product no.: DICODES-52



2.1A USB Travel AC Adapter

Product no.: USBPLUG-TR-01

Worldwide travel USB adapter with 4 sockets

In stock

TrustFire TR-001 Multi-functional Mains Charger

Product no.: B56-01
In stock