Help for new vapers


Are you a vaping beginner or completely confused?

We offer such a huge range of vaping supplies and accessories, new vapers are very often confused by the enormous array of different bits and pieces available. Our recommended kits for complete beginners are below:

Innokin GO Z Vape Pen Kit

Product no.: INN-GOZ-KIT


Aspire Flexus Stik Vape Kit

Product no.: ASP-FLEX-STIK-KIT


Aspire RiiL X Vape Kit

Product no.: ASP-RIIL-X-KIT

from £51.96

Aspire K2 Quick Start Kit

Product no.: ASP-K2KIT


Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit

Product no.: ASP-K3KIT


Joyetech Exceed D19 Kit

Product no.: EXCEED-D19-KIT


Joyetech eGo AIO ECO Kit

Product no.: EGO-AIO-KIT


Aspire Tigon Kit

Product no.: ASP-TIGON-KIT


These kits offer an excellent introduction to vaping and the only extra you will need initially will be a bottle or two of e-liquid in your choice of flavour and strength.

Do bear in mind that these kits only contains one battery or battery not included, so if you're going to rely on it to completely replace smoking, we always recommend you obtain at least one more spare battery and you'll also want to purchase spare heads/coils, and you can use our Head & Tank Compatibility Chart to make sure you pick the correct ones for your tank.

If you're after something a little more advanced, the kits below feature larger batteries than most starter kits, and adustable power to fully customise your vape.

Innokin GOZEE Vape Kit

Product no.: INN-GOZEE-KIT


Aspire Zelos X / Nautilus 3 Kit

Product no.: ASP-ZELOS-X-KIT


Aspire Zelos 3 / Nautilus 3 Kit

Product no.: ASP-ZELOS-3-KIT


Aspire Glint / Nautilus GT Kit

Product no.: zzASP-GLINT-KIT



Innokin Adept Zlide Kit

Product no.: INN-ADEPT-KIT


Innokin Coolfire Z50 Zlide Kit

Product no.: INN-COOL-Z50-KIT


Joyetech Exceed X Kit

Product no.: zzEXCEED-X-KIT


If you want to make the switch to vaping, or perhaps buy a gift for a loved one, and are completely stumped about what to choose, please do contact us for advice.
We also recommend you visit our Facebook page for friendly advice and tips.

Tips to help you get the most from your e-cig / Personal Vaporiser

  • If you're using a mouth-to-lung (MTL) style device with restricted airflow, inhale slow and long to obtain the best vapour. If you "pull" too hard when you use the device, you risk bringing too much liquid to the coil which will cause leakage.
  • If you're using a more advanced device, or sub-ohm kit designed for "direct lung" (DL) style vaping at a high wattage with an open unrestricted airflow, inhale more deeply, directly to your lungs, ensuring plenty of air passes over the coil to prevent leakage and gurgling.
  • Ensure your battery is always fully charged.
  • Ensure all the connecting parts are clean and properly connected to each other.
  • Do not leave charging batteries unattended, and don't over-charge your batteries.
  • Read and observe all safety information.
  • Make sure your cartomiser/atomiser/tank doesn’t run too dry before re-filing.
  • Be careful not to over-tighten e-cig components to each other or when charging.

Articles & Information

Frequently Asked Questions
Glossary of e-cig terms
All About Resistance
Safety Information
E-Liquid Mixing Calculator

Basic Troubleshooting

Problem: I've just opened my kit and started using it but I can't feel the vapour when I inhale.
Solution: This is normal with some models. Ensure you have enough liquid in the tank, and ensure you've waited 5-10 minutes after filling before using. Continue using the electronic cigarette for a couple of hours (with a fully charged battery) and it will gradually start to become stronger.


Problem: It tastes burnt.
Solution: Ensure you have enough liquid in the tank, and ensure you wait 5-10 minutes after filling before using a new head/coil. If the cotton inside the coil wasn't fully saturated with e-liquid when you started vaping, it may be too burnt to recover. Replace the head, ensuring you leave it for enough time after filling to become fully saturated with liquid.


Problem: My device isn’t working at all.
Solution: Firstly, check the to ensure you have adequate e-liquid in the tank. Check the battery is fully charged (try a freshly charged battery). Check your manual or the product description to see if your particular battery or device has a 3 or 5-click protection mechanism - if so, press the button quickly 3-5 times to see if the device will activate. If there's still no vapour, it may be that connectivity isn't being made, check this page to troubleshoot connectivity. If you have followed all the advice above, and it still won't work, it may be that the cartomiser needs to be replaced or the battery has developed a fault.


Problem: My indicator light and atomiser are working normally but there is no vapour.
Solution: Ensure you have enough liquid in the cartomiser/tank, and check this page to troubleshoot connectivity. Try a new head in the tank, and if this doesn't resolve the issue, please contact us.


Problem: The indicator light flashes several times and the e-cig stops working.
Solution: Your battery needs charging. It is always a good idea to have a spare battery already charged up so you can replace it immediately.


Problem: Why does the LED flash or the vapour stop soon after I take a puff?
Solution: Some e-cigs have a safety cut-off protection circuit. When you activate the battery a large number of times in quick succession, or for an unusually long period of time, the cut-off protection is automatically activated to protect the equipment. Refer to the manual you received with your device for the exact frequency and duration of this cut-off.


Problem: My tank is leaking.
Solution: There are several things that can cause leakage including improper filling, improper coil installation, not changing the head/coil frequently enough, forceful inhales, cracked or improperly assembled tank, wrong vaping style for the tank, and not using the device frequently. Ensure the head is installed correctly and you have no cracks in your tank where air could get in and upset the liquid flow. Ensure your tank is assembled correctly and install a new head if it's more than a week or two since you last changed it. Make sure you aren't inhaling too strongly on the device. If you intend to leave your tank unused for a day or longer with liquid in it, depending on the model, it may be less prone to leakage if you store it upside down.


Problem: My device isn’t working and I’ve followed all the steps above including checking the 510 Connector article.
Solution: Contact us