Heads & Coils

The resistance of the atomiser determines the level of heat produced by the coil. The lower the number the HOTTER the coil will burn. Higher ohm ratings will produce a cooler vape.

If you're unsure which heads you need please see our Head & Tank Compatibility Chart.

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New VooPoo PnP Coils - 5pk


from £11.95

Innokin Z-Coils (Zenith heads) - 5pk

Product no.: INN-Z-COILS

from £7.95

Aspire Nautilus Heads - 5pk

Product no.: ASP-NAUT-HEADS

from £8.95

New VooPoo Spare PnP Pod II - 2pk

Product no.: VOOPOO-PNP-POD


Aspire Tigon Heads - 5pk

Product no.: ASP-TIGON-HEADS


New Innokin Prism S (T20S) Coils - 5pk

Product no.: INN-PRISM-S-COILS

from £8.95

Aspire AF (Flexus) Coils - 5pk

Product no.: ASP-FLEX-HEADS


Innokin Prism T18E heads - 5pk

Product no.: INN-EN-T18EHEADS


Aspire Atlantis / EVO Heads - 5pk

Product no.: ASP-ATL-HEADS


Aspire K4/Cleito Heads - 5pk 0.27Ω

Product no.: ASP-107

In stock

Aspire Cleito Pro Heads - 5pk



Eleaf ELLO Heads - 5pk


from £2.95

Lost Vape Orion Plus coils - 5pk



Joyetech EX Series Heads - 5pk

Product no.: EXCEED-HEADS


Aspire Odan Mesh Coils - 3pk

Product no.: ASP-ODAN-HEADS


Aspire Cleito Heads - 5pk



Joyetech eGo AIO BFHN Heads - 5pk

Product no.: EGO-AIO-HEADS


New Geek Vape Z Series Coils - 5pk

Product no.: GEEKV-Z-COILS

from £12.95

Lost Vape Orion Go replacement Pods - 2pk

Product no.: LOST-ORION-POD


Aspire BVC heads - 5pk

Product no.: ASP-BVC-HEADS


Aspire Nautilus X Heads - 5pk

Product no.: ASP-NAUTX-HEADS


Uwell Crown 3 Heads - 4pk

Product no.: UW-CRO3-HEADS


Uwell Crown Heads - 4pk

Product no.: UW-CRO-HEADS


Aspire Flexus Blok Replacement Pod

Product no.: ASP-FLEX-BLOK-POD


Aspire Flexus Stik Replacement Pod

Product no.: ASP-FLEX-STIK-POD


Kanger Dual Coil Heads - 5pk

Product no.: KN-HEAD


New Aspire Atlantis SE Heads - 5pk

Product no.: ASP-ATLSE-HEADS


Kanger EVOD SOCC Heads - 5pk

Product no.: KN-EVOD-SOCC-HEAD


Innokin Prism T20 heads - 5pk

Product no.: INN-168

In stock

Innokin Scion/Plex Heads - 3pk

Product no.: INN-SCION-HEAD

from £6.96

Innokin iSub Heads - 5pk

Product no.: INN-ISUB-HEAD