Boards and accessories for modmakers.

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Dicodes BF60 board

Product no.: DICODES-050
In stock

Dicodes FL80 board

Product no.: DICODES-051
In stock

Evolv DNA 100C (Colour)

Product no.: EVOLV-20
In stock

Evolv DNA 75C (Colour)

Product no.: EVOLV-14
In stock

Evolv colour replacement screen

Product no.: EVOLV-16



Evolv DNA Replacement Screen

Product no.: EVOLV-08

Replacement OLED for Evolv DNA boards

In stock

Evolv 1A USB Charging and data port

Product no.: EVOLV-15
In stock

Dicodes BF60/FL80 spare screen

Product no.: DICODES-053
In stock

Set of 9 Micro-Mesh polishing pads

Product no.: DIY-TOOL-15
In stock